Integrated Urban Transport Systems - TUMI workshop Cairo

From all of the cities worldwide: Cairo is one of the most stuck in traffic and meanwhile loses millions of dollars due to conges-tion every day. That there is no option to buy out of congestion with roads is a fact. However, most cities still focus on cars in their urban transport planning. Participants from Jordan, Lebanon, Mo-rocco, Oman, Palestine, Tunisia and of course Egypt engaged in vivid debates and showed how sustainable transport can be re-alised. The workshop focused on the need to develop and implement an integrated transport planning process, with systems such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as a possible solution for overloaded ur-ban space filled with cars. Intermodal integration is key to ar-chive a sustainable shift. The identification of key stakeholders in urban transport plan-ning, and how to engage with them, has an immense benefit to the everyday work of the participants.

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