• 4 July 2024
  • TUMI Update

TUMI Update July

Dear Friends of TUMI ,
Recently, we have been buzzing with activities and events. Let’s dive into what we’ve been up to and what’s on the horizon in July.

One of the standout moments this past month was our participation in the ICLEI World Congress 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil. Visionaries, policymakers, and urban mobility enthusiasts from around the world shared insights, strategies, and experiences, all aimed at making urban mobility more sustainable and inclusive. Our TUMI #EBusMission hosted a side event to explore how the ambitious national fleet renewal program, with financing plans for over 2,000 e-buses, and initiatives like Reciclo can pave the way for a climate-friendly and just mobility transition.

Additionally, TUMI co-hosted the Regional Exchange on Electrifying Minibus Operations in East Africa, held in Kigali. This event brought together delegates from multiple African countries to brainstorm and strategize on the future of minibus electrification. TUMI led a compelling session on “Ensuring Battery Circularity in E-Minibus Operations,” exploring innovative pathways for effective end-of-life battery management.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership call to enhance the operational efficiency of electrified public transport. We are also excited to inform you that our two-part e-learning course, “Transforming Urban Mobility,” are now available anytime on the Future Learn platform.

Our dedicated TUMI Partners continuously seek ways to foster collaboration and exchange, working toward making transportation more inclusive and climate-friendly. See below for all their latest news!

Have a great read!

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