What we do

Capacity Development

ENABLE 1,000 urban leaders, decision-makers, planners and students to plan and implement sustainable mobility concepts. Career building and leadership development are not yet integrated in the LPAA agenda in the transport sector, nor strategically tackled in the HABITAT-III process. Germany will support an important pillar in this respect as a forerunner.

Since launching the initiative at HABITAT-III in Quito in October 2016, a lot has happened in support of the New Urban Agenda. TUMI held courses on all continents, engaging participants every step of the way. These included the planning of public bicycle rental systems in Quito, Integrated Urban Transport Systems in Cairo, a study tour of the BRT in Dar es Salaam, Urban Road Safety in Mexico City and many others. In total, more than 120 people listened in on three webinars and e-Learning courses, and about 490 people were trained in workshops and conferences.

In May 2017, more than 80 Transport Practitioners engaged in the TUMI-Conference on Urban Mobility Governance at the side of the International Transport Summit 2017 in Leipzig. During the conference, urban planners and creative minds from entire Sub-Saharan Africa came together. They explored municipal transport governance, brought contrary and joint views of challenges and solutions, and findings from up-to-date research all to one table.

In April 2017 during the 4th Meeting of the Municipalities for Sustainable Development (EMDS) in Brasília, TUMI offered a series of courses. City managers and secretaries, researchers, students and representatives of civil society organizations learned about urban issues and discussed main challenges and potential solutions in Brazilian municipalities.

Our catalogue can be downloaded here: TUMI Capacity Development Catalogue 2018