“Exploring the Impact of Transitioning to E-Buses on the Public Transport Workforce. A Case Study of Metrobús Line 3 in Mexico City” is a master thesis by Sarah Dobjani, published by the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and created in cooperation with the TUMI E-Bus Mission.


The global shift towards electrifying public transport as a response to climate change and air pollution introduces challenges for the workforce, particularly in developing countries where precarious working conditions are prevalent. This research focuses on the transition from diesel to electric buses in Mexico City’s bus rapid transit – Metrobús Line 3, aiming to understand its impact on the public transport sector workforce. Through surveys with the workforce, expert interviews and secondary research, the study reveals positive and negative aspects of bus fleet electrification, emphasizing the importance of viewing this transition not solely as a technological change but as an opportunity to comprehensively address workforce issues. The research proposes a three-level categorization of measures for implementation, stressing the need for coordination between the levels to achieve a Just Transition, not only for the workforce of Metrobús Line 3 but potentially also for the entire public transport workforce in Mexico.