07 Oct - 12 Oct 2023 Brussels, Belgium

Busworld Europe 2023

Busworld’s aim is to become the world leader in organising bus & coach exhibitions and seminars around the planet, ensuring answers to all passenger mobility issues worldwide. Their mission aims to:

  • Improve mobility, comfort & safety for the central stakeholder in the mobility story, the passenger.
  • Promote and increase the use of public and private transport by bus and coach, leading the way to a more sustainable environment.
  • Create a unique and performant platform, both offline and online, where industry stakeholders, such as authorities, public and private operators, manufacturers, suppliers and academics, are brought together to network, conduct business and to share technology and specific knowledge to optimise the role of the bus and coach in the mobility equation.

Busworld exhibitions are exclusively for the bus and coach industry, no other commercial vehicles or other public transport means are present.

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