26 Apr 2023 New Dehli, India

“Improving the Circularity of E-bus Batteries” Workshop

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The global project, TUMI E-bus Mission, is working to advance sustainable urban  transport systems. While support for the deployment and operation of e-buses is at the core of our activities, there will be the time when buses and their batteries are worn down and must be decommissioned. E-buses are equipped with several hundred kilograms of batteries. In order to avoid undue burden to municipalities, operators and society, various aspects around end-of-life management of buses and batteries can already be anticipated during the procurement and operation phase. Ideally, buses and their batteries are managed in a way, all components and materials are used as long as possible and – once obsolete – are given to high-standard recycling.

To support related efforts, the TUMI E-Bus Mission is working with Oeko-Institute to develop a measures catalogue for inclusion of circular economy principles into E-Bus planning and procurement. The workshop will aim to present and discuss:

  • the links between circular economy and e-buses
  • measures to improve the circularity of e-buses and their batteries
  • collect feedback on the measures catalogue

The workshop will be followed by a 2-day study tour (27th – 28th April) to recyclers in and around New Delhi who are currently involved with the end-of-life management of vehicle batteries, encompassing the thematic areas of reuse/repurposing and recycling.

This is a closed workshop. For further information please contact Rohan Modi: rohan.modi@giz.de.