01 Nov 2023 The Claridges, New Delhi

Pathways to Sustainable Mobility Summit

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Join us for this Summit Day to jointly converse on India’s mobility landscape! This summit is all about tackling vehicular emissions head-on, accelerating the switch to electric mobility, and boosting the utilisation of renewable energy sources. But that’s not all – we are also taking a stand for a gender equitable e-mobility transition and championing fair and dignified job opportunities.

Imagine a gathering of key voices from government, industry titans, academic luminaries, think tanks, and passionate advocates from civil society. Together, we are embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainable and eco-friendly mobility, benefiting both India’s people and its environment.

The summit will focus on four key themes specific to India’s sustainable mobility context:

  • Session 1: Transforming Mobility for Clean Air
  • Session 2: Future of Electric Mobility in India
  • Session 3: Fostering Renewable Energy Use for Electric Buses
  • Session 4: Towards a Gender Equitable E-Mobility Transition


Take a look at the Detailed Agenda_Pathways to Sustainable Mobility Summit!

This event is on invitation only. Please contact Lena Kliesch (lena.kliesch@giz.de) if you are interested in participating.