21 Nov - 23 Nov 2022

TUMI E-Bus Mission Training

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TUMI E-Bus Mission Training: Electric Bus Procurement, Planning and Operations (for India and Indonesia region)

This online training programme in English is designed on Electric Buses, offering a comprehensive overview of the electric solution for urban bus networks: from the setting of a long-term city strategy in terms of energy transition to the definition of a charging strategy and the choice of technology and all the way to the planning, procurement, operation, and maintenance of the e-bus system.

The aim of this training is to give a clear idea about different phases of electric bus in the life cycle. Wide knowledge and information will be shared in the chosen specific topics.

Reach your objectives:

  • Get a general overview of electric bus deployment for urban bus operations
  • Introduce the electric solution, the different types of technologies and compare their benefits and drawbacks
  • Understand the products on offer and the mainstream technology options available, competition and maturity level of the suppliers
  • Understand how to develop an operational and charging strategy
  • Understand the implications for operations and infrastructure
  • Learn about procurements steps and benchmarking with different solutions
  • How to manage e-bus operations with the use of IT technology?


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