Awareness raising through public broadcasting of COVID and road safety

A TV show series is meant to highlight the safety aspects to the citizen of Liberia, giving them knowledge on Covid fighting measures such as social distance, disinfection, etc, but also other road safety information as well as active mobility options.

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Project Description

We will broadcast a series about road safety via traditional media as well as social accounts. It is informing about important topics such as infection control in public transport, rules and regulations for operating taxis during the pandemic, strengthening walking and cycling and road safety in general. By creating the series on road safety, we will activate the partners in the GIZ scene to increase the spread of our vital information. Known actors will be used to increase interest on the topic of safe mobility.

Project's Objective

The main goal is to provide the general population with knowledge on how to stay safe from Corona and other road related risks.

Challenges and Learnings

Safety became a more and more important topic during the pandemic. As Liberia was prepared to combat COVID, the road safety situation is still very dangerous. One important measure is to inform the population, e.g. by staging an event. However, knowledge transfer on the topic of road safety is severely limited by the Covid-19 pandemic: Interactive and collaborative knowledge-sharing events are very popular in Liberia. Previous successful formats such as comedy shows and open street festivals cannot be held at the moment.

The Team

Lena Fischer

Transport Communications Advisor

Urban Geographer and Communications Advisor who gained experience in international cooperation with GIZ in Rwanda. Lena studied Communications and European Studies in Cologne and Dublin and holds a master’s degree in Geography, focusing on sustainable mobility solutions. Within our team since 2020.

Focus Areas: Focus Area

Frederic Tesfay

Project Manager

Mechanical Engineer who immediately went into project management within the field of construction; having worked two years in USA and a further five years for GIZ in Africa focused on project implementation. After developing a strong focus on monitoring and controlling, he successfully began managing projects in the field of technical education and capacity building in Asia.

Focus Areas: TUMI Data, TUMI Labs, TUMI E-Bus Mission