Podcasts: Approaching the challenges comprehensively


Jan 18: Episode 466: Making DOTs Measure Emissions // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Dec 7: S02-E27 | Mobility Justice for All with Lucas Snaije // Talking Transport Transformation

Nov 2: Episode 457: Want Riders? Run Frequent Service // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Oct 25: The People Behind the Wheel Podcast Episode 1 – Lona Hankins, New Orleans RTA // Intelligent Transport Podcast

Sep 15: AI in Traffic Management – How NoTraffic is solving Traffic Congestion? | Tal Kresier // Mobility Innovators Podcast

Sep 14: Indian urbanisation and mass timber in the UK // The Urbanist

Sep 14: September Stocktake // Outrage + Optimism 

Aug 23: Dimas BarrreiraGoing all electric isn’t the only path to reducing emissions // Transit Unplugged 

Aug 22: Inclusive Transportation with Veronica O. Davis // The War on Cars 

Aug 17: Trolley Cars & Ethics and Equity of Transportation Systems – Chris Gerdes, Stanford University // The Mobility Podcast 

Jul 19: UITP CEO Roundtable Part 1: European Transit Leaders on Today’s Transit Trends // Transit Unplugged 

Jun 23: Reimagining Mobility: Fall in Love with the Problems, Not the Solutions | Uri Levine // Mobility Innovators Podcast

Jun 22: Episode 438: The Urban Jungle // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast 

Jun 8: Rethinking spaces for transport // The Urbanist 

Jun 1: S02-E21 | The right to free movement with Robin Chase // Talking Transport Transformation 

Apr 27: Planning ahead // The Urbanist 

Mar 23: Miami, Heat, and Multimodal Mobility with Carlos Cruz-Casas (TRB 2023) // The Mobility Podcast

Jan 31: Transportation Policy Transfer in Southeast Asia // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Jan 11: Transportation policies and trends we’re watching in 2023 // The Mobility Podcast


Nov 02: Cost of Living & Transport // Streets Ahead

Sep 20: The four factors for an attractive public transport offer – with Stefan Gelbhaar, transport policy spokesman for the Greens in the Bundestag// Mobility radio

Sep 13: Dr. Frank Appel – Die Zukunft der Logistik (Englisch)// Transportation Matters – Warum Transport uns alle angeht

Sep 13: Braucht’s das eigene Auto überhaupt noch? Was Carsharing zur Mobilitätswende beitragen kann – mit Mobilitätsforscherin Dr. Jutta Deffner// Mobilitätsfunk

Sep 11: The best selected essay: ‘Future of public transport’ from Hugo Odjik and Tim de Ridder (TU Delft)// Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Sep 08: Keynote Fireside Chat Mini-Series: Open Mobility Foundation// Between the Lines

Aug 31: Kostenloser ÖPNV in Deutschland? Wie die Stadt Monheim dieses Konzept bereits umsetzt – mit Daniel Zimmermann, Bürgermeister von Monheim am Rhein// Mobilitätsfunk

Aug 25: BVG: Deutschlands größtes Testlabor für Mobilitätskonzepte | #Mobility????// digital kompakt | Digitale Strategien für morgen

Aug 24: 0-Euro-Ticket für Bus und Bahn? Damit ist’s leider nicht getan! Was Deutschland vom kostenlosen ÖPNV in Luxemburg lernen kann – mit François Bausch, Vizepremierminister von Luxemburg// Mobilitätsfunk

Aug 09: Was folgt nach dem 9-Euro-Ticket? – mit Daniela Kluckert, Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin beim Bundesminister für Digitales und Verkehr// Mobilitätsfunk

Aug 09: Zukunft oder Abstellgleis?// Emmett in Transit

Aug 02: 3 Mythen über Mobilitätsbudgets, die jeder Unternehmer kennen sollte – mit Andreas Reichert von MOBIKO// Mobilitätsfunk

July 19: Der Nachtreisebus der Zukunft//Mobilitätsfunk

July 13: Boris and Net Zero: What Happens Next?//Outrage + Optimism

July 9: How Does Climate Change Affect the Cultural Sector?//Follow the Data Podcast

July 1: T7 and its support for G7-Global South cooperation explained//Asia’s Developing Future

June 06: Giving People the Tools and Resources to Create Change, with Calum Cameron// The Smart Community Podcast

June 2: COMTO, AASHTO and Transportation Equity with April Rai// Transportation Radio

May 24: Tall Stories 308: Returning to Kyiv// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

May 23: (Un)Gehört im Petitionsauschuss: Etwas Licht, viel Schatten und ein breites Bündnis.// she drives mobility

May 20: Overturning common assumptions about the burden of population aging// Asia’s Developing Future

May 17: Mondays at the Overhead Wire – Shop Dogs// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

May 12: Why the 21st Century is for Cities and Mayors with Sadiq Khan// Outrage + Optimism

May 02: Environmental Justice and Green Infrastructure// Future Cities

Apr 28: Optimists Win More Often with NRDC’s Manish Bapna// Outrage + Optimism

Apr 22: Spaces for Learning and Working with Klaudio Muca// urbanNext podcasts

Apr 06: Sara Stickler, CEO WTS International// Transit Unplugged

Mar 29: Was wäre, wenn? Die Zukunft der Mobilität mal anders gedacht// Mobilitätsfunk

Mar 30: Together We Can Change the World with Jane Goodall// Outrage and Optimism

Mar 22: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – Gas Shock!// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Mar 22: ADBI pioneer on guiding Asia’s development in the face of transformational change and new risks// Asia’s Developing Future

Mar 11: A Conversation with Bloomberg Philanthropies CEO Patti Harris// Follow the data

Mar 10: Episode 143: An Appetite for Adaptation// Outrage + Optimism

Mar 8: Tall Stories 297: The Saddledome, Calgary// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Mar 4: For Ukraine// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Mar 3: Episode 372: The Annual Prediction Show with Yonah Freemark// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Mar 3: Episode 142: Ukraine, Defense, and Climate Change with William Hague and David Miliband// Outrage + Optimism

Mar 3: Terry White Interview Ripple Effect// Transit Unplugged

Feb 28: Connecting Councils, Sectors and Communities, with Chelsea Collier// The Smart Community Podcast

Feb 26: Episode 116: Memorializing Loss, Injustice, and History, Part Three// Follow the Data Podcast

Feb 25: Emmett in Transit geht in die zweite Runde! (GERMAN)// Emmett in Transit

Feb 23: Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 23// The Smart Community Podcast

Feb 23: Alexander Pazuchanics and reports from UITP MENA// Transit Unplugged

Feb 21: Tall Stories 295: Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Feb 21: Being Agile and Flexible in The City of Philadelphia, with Emily Yates// The Smart Community Podcast

Feb 18: The Overhead: Bringing balance to the housing crisis// Spacing Radio

Feb 17: Episode 370: Planning for Underground Cities// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Feb 16: Episode 105: Mondays at the Overhead Wire – Seamless Transit// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Feb 15: Tall Stories 294: Roma, Mexico City// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Feb 14: Welcoming Startups to Japan, with Miho Tanaka// The Smart Community Podcast

Feb 11: Special: ‘The Monocle Book of the Nordics’// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Feb 11: Episode 243: Cruise Goes Live, Trust vs Trade Secrets, and Kirsten Goes To The Dogs// Autonocast

Feb 10: Episode 138: Just Look Up! with Adam McKay// Outrage + Optimism

Feb 5: Bonus Episode: Live From Saudi Arabia, with Dr. Jonathan Reichental// The Smart Community Podcast

Feb 5: How State DOTs Are Dealing With Post-World War II Construction// Transportation Radio

Feb 3: Episode 137: We’re Back! Welcome to Season 5// Outrage + Optimism

Feb 1: Episode 136: The Deep Time Walk with Stephan Harding// Outrage + Optimism

Feb 1: Episode 064: Toronto Shelter Collapse// Spacing Radio

Jan 28: Episode 242: CES Roundup and 2022 Predictions// Autonocast

Jan 27: Episode 39: Simon Pitkeathley – Camden High Line and Climate Action for Local Businesses// The Green Urbanist

Jan 25: Episode 104: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – New Cities, New Towns, New Trouble// Talking Headways: a Streetsblog Podcast

Jan 22: In Memoriam: Jeffrey Parker// Transit Unplugged

Jan 14: Episode 365: A City is Not a Computer// The Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Jan 13: Episode 153: The Last Stop with Josh Cohen// The Movement Podcast

Jan 11: The one with MAFEX// InnoTrans Podcast

Jan 10: Mining Misconceptions with Rohitesh Dharwan// The fully charged PLUS Podcast

Jan 7: Episode 38: Dr Morgan Phillips – Climate Adaptation// The Green Urbanist

Jan 6: Episode 364: Creating a Better Transit Board// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast


Dec 27: Episode 37: The Problem with Net Zero Carbon (an Urban Design Perspective)// The Green Urbanist

Dec 27: PlanningxChange 87 with Steve Oates – Heritage Rail Assoc.// PlanningXChange

Dec 24: Urban Mobility Podcast #6 (Czech) // Urban Mobility Podcast

Dec 23: Best of Transit Unplugged In Depth for 2021// Transit Unplugged

Dec 22: Duurzaam vliegen vs internationaal trein? Aan t woord Wijnand Veeneman TU Delft (deel 2) (DUTCH)// Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Dec 21: Episode 113: Memorializing Loss, Injustice, and History, Part Two// Follow the Data Podcast

Dec 20: Episode 135: No Substitute For Nature with Zac Goldsmith (EXPLICIT)// Outrage + Optimism

Dec 15: Episode 20: The “S” in ESG// City of the Future

Dec 15: Episode 102: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – Christmas Markets// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Dec 12: Episode 36: Chris Churchman – Soil, the Forgotten Carbon Sink// The Green Urbanist

Dec 11: Episode 19: Next-Gen Manufacturing// City of the Future

Dec 8: Episode 101: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – Auto Nostalgia and the Oil Crisis// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Dec 6: PlanningxChange 86 – Cemeteries for living and death// PlanningXChange

Dec 6: Summer Series: Smart Country and Smart Communities, with Dr Emma Lee// The Smart Community Podcast

Dec 3: Episode 112: Criminal Expungement in Detroit Leads to New Beginnings// Follow the Data Podcast

Dec 2: Episode 361: Infrastructural Optimism// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Dec 2: Episode 131: Being Smartly Selfish is Selfless with President Carlos Alvarado// Outrage+Optimism

Nov 29: A brief history of climate change with Alice bell// The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast

Nov 28: Episode 35: Rachel Hoolahan (Orms) – Circular Economy and Material Passports// The Green Urbanist
Nov 24: ‘Nieuwe vormen van gedeeld vervoer cruciaal voor landelijk gebied’, aan het woord Fleur Gräper gedeputeerde provincie Groningen (DUTCH)// Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Nov 22: Noise Working Group with Noel Alcala// Transportation Radio

Nov 20: Episode111: Memorializing Loss, Injustice and History// Follow the Data Podcast

Nov 20: Episode 17: Wealth Beyond Ownership// City of the Future

Nov 17: What Elevators, Skyscrapers and Labor Can Tell Us About Self-Driving Cars, With Henry Greenidge// No Parking Podcast

Nov 16: From the screw that flew through the factory gate and digital passengers during heavy transports (GERMAN)// Emmett in Transit

Nov 15: Episode129: COP26: Glasgow Pact and Ready to Go Further// Outrage + Optimism

Nov 13: Episode 16: From Owing to Owning// City of the Future

Nov 9: Episode 128: COP26 Halfway Point: A City of Two Tales With Nigel Topping// Outrage + Optimism

Nov 9: Why do soft measures deserve hard cash?// Streets Ahead

Nov 8: The RIGHT to repair with Helen Czerski// The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast

Nov 7: Against unicorns and relentless price wars: How regional delivery collectives make logistics sustainable (GERMAN)// She Drives Mobility

Nov 5: Episode 101: My Betrayal of All That is Good// Podcast – Seattle Transit Blog

Nov 4: Episode 358: A National Perspective with Jannet Walker For// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Nov 3: The three big transit trends, making kindness cool, and more APTA events// Transit Unplugged

Nov 2: Culture Shock and Autonomous Vehicles, With Sarah Unger// No Parking Podcast

Nov 2: Episode 061: Community sports and urban farming// Spacing Radio

Oct 31: Unieke manier van stadsrevisie in Heerlen in gesprek met stedenbouwkundige/kunstenaar Michel Huisman (Dutch)// Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Oct 28: Episode 123: Ramping Up for COP26! with Matthew Phillips// Outrage + Optimism

Oct 27: Episode 122: What The Hale?! Introducing the Net Zero Tracker with Thomas Hale// Outrage + Optimism

Oct 27: What’s New in the ITE Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition// ITE Talks Transportation’s tracks

Oct 26: Episode 99: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – The Halloween Highway// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Oct 21: Episode 356: Partisanship and Transportation// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Oct 20: Why College Students Understand Self-Driving Better Than Most, with Professor Patrick McGinty// No Parking Podcast

Oct 16: Season 2, Episode 4: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month// The Transit Authority

Oct 12: Episode 98: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – Duluth, Like Duluth?// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Oct 11: Social Intelligence in Smart Communities, with Islam Bouzguenda// The Smart Community Podcast

Oct 11: Kids CAN change the world – FC Outside Panel// The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast

Dealing with Climate Grief with Luisa Neubauer // Outrage + Optimism

Oct 04: Episode 060: Alberta’s municipal power vacuum // Spacing Radio

Sep 27: Filmmaker Hubi Koch on climate anxiety, car love and politicians who do nothing (German language) // she drives mobility

Sep 22: Rolling Resistance and Vehicle Efficiency // Transportation Radio

Sep 19: #30: Ran Boydell – Adapting Buildings to a New Climate Era and Retrofitting for Net Zero Carbon // The Green Urbanist

Sep 15: Harmonizing intellectual property regimes could boost innovation in Asia, but how feasible is it? Asia’s Developing Future

Sep 13: Citizens Lab // IAA Mobility Special #5 with Rauno Fuchs (Green City Experience) // Free ride

Sep 10: Citizens Lab // IAA Mobility Special #3 with Dr. Nari Kahle (Cariad) & Dr. Bernhard Kalkbrenner (UnternehmerTUM) // Free ride

Sep 08: 135 We’re Not Lost, We’re Just Finding a New Way Home with Tomika Monterville // The Movement Podcast

Sep 06: Episode 250 Celebration: Ask Zoe Anything! The Smart Community Podcast

Sep 01: SUMMER SPECIAL: Meet Mr. Barricade // The War on Cars

Aug 31: Deployment of MaaS/MOD Strategies // Transportation Radio

Aug 24: Designing the Electrical Layer with Firas Safieddine // UrbanNext

Aug 24: Episode 95: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – Connecting the Dots // Talking Headways

Aug 24: Deployment of MaaS/MOD Strategies // ITE Talks Transportation Podcast

Aug 22: RT31 – Alexa Delbosc & Graham Currie: The paradigm shift in revenue protection research and practice // Researching Transit

Aug 18: Special Panel Discussion: What the U.S. Infrastructure Bill Means for Transit Agencies // Transit Unplugged

Aug 16: Identity Management and Trust in Smart Communities, with Dawid Jacobs // The Smart Community Podcast

Aug 14: Monarch Butterfly Conservation with Arizona DOT’s Kris Gade // Transportation Radio

Aug 11: Decarbonising Transport // Streets Ahead

Aug 11: Greg Smithies, Fifth Wall – 82 // Leaders in Cleantech

Aug 10: BONUS: IPCC Report: The Tipping Point for Action with Michael E. Mann // Outrage + Optimism

Aug 05: Episode 345: The Heat is On // Talking Headways

Aug 04: 130 Transit Lives In My Heart with L’erin Jensen // The Movement

Aug 01: Moderne Mobilität Münster: Die Stadtwerke gestalten flexibel, digital und klimafreundlich – Nachahmen erwünscht! // She Drives Mobility

Jul 30: Ben Irons, Habitat Energy – 81 // Leaders in Cleantech

Jul 29: Safer Oceans // The Global Safety Podcast

Jul 28: Uit het archief | Compilatie met hoogtepunten uit serie interviews over de magie van Mobility as a Service // Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Jul 27: #10 Transport creates informal work opportunities worth streamlining // Just Transport

Jul 26: #26: Dr Brian O’Ceallaigh – Why Climate Anxiety is Healthy and How to Manage it // The Green Urbanist

Jul 22: 111. New Systems and New Power with Dame Ellen MacArthur & Guest Co-Host Catherine Howarth // Outrage + Optimism

Jul 21: Uit het archief | Compilatie met hoogtepunten uit serie over “Radicale herontwerp van Amsterdam” // Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Jul 19: The Urban transportation transformation // Fully charged

Jul 16: US, India Look to Reshape Manufacturing Landscape // Counterpoint

Jul 15: 110. Building Leaderful Movements with Katie Eder & Guest Co-host Alice Garton // Outrage + Optimism // Podcasts | Global Optimism

Jul 14: Roadside Vegetation & The Ray // Transportation Radio // Transportation Radio (wordpress.com)

Jul 13: Episode 93: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – Advocates to Electeds // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast // Podcast – Streetsblog USA

Jul 12: #25: Alice Schmidt (The Sustainability Puzzle) – Systems Thinking, Circularity and the End of Civilisation? // The Green Urbanist // The Green Urbanist | Podcast on Spotify

Jul 12: #03.03 | Adina Vălean – Der Weg zur Klimaneutralität (Englisch) // Transportation Matters – Warum Transport uns alle angeht // Podcast “Transportation Matters”: All episodes | Daimler Truck AG > Newsroom > Podcast (daimler-truck.com)

Jul 8: 109. The Race to Resilience! // Outrage + Optimism // Podcasts | Global Optimism

Jun 28: The policies of change, with Robert Gross // Fully Charged // Podcast 90 – with Roger Atkins – Fully Charged Show

Jun 16: #23: Systems Thinking – An Intro for Climate Action in Cities // The Green Urbanist // The Green Urbanist | Podcast on Spotify

May 25: 120 What We Plan For is What We Get with Dan Bartholomay // The Movement Podcast // The Movement Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

May 7: Transportation Equity and Minnesota’s Rethinking I-94 Project // Transportation Radio //
Transportation Equity and Minnesota’s Rethinking I-94 Project | Transportation Radio (wordpress.com)

May 12: Comfort’s Corner: Julie Timm of the GRTC Are fares truly fair // Transit Unplugged //
Comfort’s Corner: Julie Timm of the GRTC Are fares truly fair? | Transit Unplugged Podcast

May 4: #01 Regulating new mobility: Why is it so hard to do? // Mobility Planet //
‎Mobility planet: #01 Regulating new mobility: Why is it so hard to do? on Apple Podcasts

Apr 29: A New Conversation about Development Finance // Streetsblog USA //
Talking Headways Podcast: A New Conversation about Development Finance – Streetsblog USA

Apr 20: Dirk Kannacher (GLS Bank), warum ist es wichtig, werdie nachhaltige Mobilitätswende finanziert // Freifahrt//
Spotify – E55 | Dirk Kannacher (GLS Bank), warum ist es wichtig, wer die nachhaltige Mobilitätswende finanziert? – Freifahrt | Podcast auf Spotify

Apr 14: MF013 Mobilitätsbudget – volle Flexibilität mit MOBIKO // Mobilitätsfunk //
MF013: Mobilitätsbudget – volle Flexibilität mit MOBIKO (mobilitaetsfunk.de)

Apr 12: #21: Jake Attwood-Harris (Hawkins/Brown) – Whole Life Carbon, Zero Architecture and Retrofitting for Sustainability // The Green Urbanist //
54 | Dr. Meike Niedbal (DB Smart City), wie schenkt ihr Reisenden Zeit? · Sebastian Hofer (spotify.com)

Mar 15: Sustainable mobility and tourism: the perfect pair // Mobility Marvels //
Sustainable mobility and tourism: the perfect pair (podbean.com)

Mar 24: Lessons from Copenhagen with Mikael Colville-Andersen // The War On Cars //
The War on Cars (libsyn.com)

Feb 22: #217: The Stream Of Consciousness News Discussion Episode // Autonocast // http://www.autonocast.com/blog/2021/2/22/217-the-stream-of-consciousness-news-discussion-episode //

Feb 17: Build, Build, Build // Streets Ahead // https://shows.acast.com/streets-ahead/episodes/build-build-build //

Feb 15: Passion and Academic Views of everything from oil refineries to veganism with Auke Hoestra // Fully charged // https://fullycharged.show/podcasts/podcast-96-passion-and-academic-views-auke-hoestra/ //

Feb 07: Put money on the table and let´s get these modes moving // Spokesman cycling // https://www.the-spokesmen.com/moneytalks/ //

Feb 04: 87. The Future of Urban Transport // Outrage + Optimism // https://outrageandoptimism.libsyn.com/87-the-future-of-urban-transport //

Jan 26: We’ve Completely Screwed Up How We Price Modes of Transportation with David Zipper // The Movement // https://soundcloud.com/user-624932217/103-weve-completely-screwed-up-how-we-price-modes-of-transportation-with-david-zipper //

Jan 21: Transportation and Law, Part II // Talking Headways // https://usa.streetsblog.org/2021/01/21/talking-headways-podcast-transportation-and-law-part-ii/ //

Jan 21: It’s Important for All of Us to Have a Voice with David Kim // The Movement // https://soundcloud.com/user-624932217/102-its-important-for-all-of-us-to-have-a-voice-with-david-kim //

Jan 19: Susan Shaheen and Planning Future Mobility // TRB’s Transportation Explorers // https://open.spotify.com/episode/06xAbQ2mbb2rKGS6hHEwb8 //

Jan 15: Beth Osborne, Transportation for America // The Mobility Podcast // https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/073-beth-osborne-transportation-for-america/id1301517009?i=1000505445909 //

Jan 14: Thinking Bigger // Seattle Transit Blog // https://blubrry.com/seattletransitblog/72669689/podcast-100-thinking-bigger/ //

Jan 13: No Amount of Good Intentions Can Make an Equitable Society with Sunday Parker // The Movement // https://soundcloud.com/user-624932217/101-no-amount-of-good-intentions-can-make-an-equitable-society-with-sunday-parker //

Jan 06: Mobility is Opportunity with Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist and Trevor Pawl // The Movement // https://soundcloud.com/user-624932217/100-mobility-is-opportunity-with-lt-governor-garlin-gilchrist-and-trevor-pawl?in=user-624932217/sets/the-movement-podcast //

Jan 05: TRB’s Transportation Explorers: Anthony Foxx and Equity // TRB’s Transportation Explorers Podcast // https://open.spotify.com/episode/2CstU4eSFyMxq0ZyAHwMIn //


Dec 20: Investing In MaaS // Future MaaS // https://soundcloud.com/user-94824980/future-maas-investing-in-maas //

Dec 01: Cars and the Law with Greg Shill // The War on Cars // https://waroncars.libsyn.com/cars-and-the-law-with-greg-shill //

Nov 19: Buildings, Transportation, and Power // Talking Headways // https://usa.streetsblog.org/2020/11/19/talking-headways-podcast-buildings-transportation-and-power/ //

Nov 13: Transportation and Law, Part I // Talking Headways // https://usa.streetsblog.org/2020/11/13/talking-headways-podcast-transportation-and-law-part-i/ /

Nov 09: What It Means to Be a ‘Vulnerable Road User’ with Peter Carr // No Parking // https://noparkingpodcast.com/episodes/ //

Nov 02: She Drives Mobility meets Doug Gordon (The War On Cars) // She drives mobility // https://katja-diehl.de/she-drives-mobility-meets-doug-gordon-the-war-on-cars/ //

Oct 29: Disabled by a World Full of Stairs // Talking Headways // https://usa.streetsblog.org/2020/10/29/talking-headways-podcast-disabled-by-a-world-full-of-stairs/ //

Oct 09: Achieving Equity in Transportation – Henry Greenidge, NYU McSilver Institute // The Mobility Podcast // https://soundcloud.com/user-223028423/070-achieving-equity-in //

Aug 28: Conrad Richardson – Sustainable Transport, Innovation in the Global South, and Truly Smart Cities // The Green Urbanist // https://open.spotify.com/episode/7pbbGxVjnyFv8jJu9jhYEX //

Jul 17: B. R Balachandran in Conversation with Bimal Patel: Making Implementable Plans // Center for Research on Architecture and Urbanism Jointly with Center for Urban Planning and Policy, CEPT University // https://www.listennotes.com/tr/podcasts/planning-in-india/b-r-balachandran-in-aQTqJx91pHK/ //

Jun 26: A. Srivathsan in Conversation with Vidyadhar Phatak: FSI: From a Physical Planning to a Fiscal Tool // Urban Planning in India // https://podmailer.com/podcast/planning-in-india/a-srivathsan-in-conversation-with-vidyadhar-phat-2 //

Jun 19: Shreya Gadepalli: Demystifying Urban Transportation // Urban Planning in India // https://podmailer.com/podcast/planning-in-india/shreya-gadepalli-demystifying-urban-transportation //

Apr 28: The value of mobility with Sampo Hietanen – CEO of MaaS global // Freifahrt // https://freifahrt.podigee.io/21-whim //

May 30: Avenues to regulate transport markets with Paolo Beria, TRASPOL // Just Transport // https://soundcloud.com/hlulanicom/s1e5-avenues-to-regulate //

Feb 25: Transportation and Equity with Tamika Butler, Toole Design // ITE Talks Transportation Podcast // https://www.spreaker.com/user/ite-talks-transportation/tamika-butler-equity?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=user%3A8863899&utm_term=episode_title //