Podcasts: Car Dependency


Apr 9: E109: A Conversation with Dan Mathers and Donald Shoup about Parking Technology, Part 1 // The Parking Podcast

Apr 2: The Texas Freeway Fight with Megan Kimble // The War on Cars

Mar 19: The Plan for Drivers // Streets Ahead

Mar 19: Minimums to maximums: lessons from the UK // Reinventing Parking

Jan 2: Fixing America’s Car Culture with David Zipper // The War on Cars


Dec 19: Most buildings run their parking badly. Let’s fix that // Reinventing Parking

Dec 14: #295: Confessions of a Car Market Data Nerd with Tyson Jominy // Autonocast

Nov 9: Parking reform around the world: a new report from ITDP // Reinventing Parking

Nov 8: E103: An Interview with Levi Sudak and a Conversation about Entrepreneurship // The Parking Podcast

Sep 13: E99: An Interview with Fred Bredemeyer and a Conversation about Automated Parking Enforcement // The Parking Podcast 

Oct 24: Dark PR with Grant Ennis // The War on Cars

Oct 24: E102: An Interview with Tony Jordan and a Conversation about the Parking Reform Network // The Parking Podcast

Oct 10: E101: An Interview with Tony DiPaolo and a Conversation about LAZ Parking // The Parking Podcast

Oct 3: We Gamified Parking Reform // Reinventing Parking

Aug 30: E98: An Interview with Becca White and a Conversation about a Career in Parking // The Parking Podcast 

Aug 30: Is Parking Reform Anti Car? // Reinventing Parking 

Aug 1: E96: An Interview with Jonathan Curth and a Conversation about Parking Minimums // The Parking Podcast 

Jul 26: Powerful Parking Maps // Reinventing Parking 

Jul 18: E95: An Interview with Kevin Woznicki and a Conversation about ParkTrans Solutions // The Parking Podcast 

Jun 21: Parking reform and newly motorizing cities // Reinventing Parking 

Jun 19: EPISODE 331: Carmageddon — LTNs, Tokyo and the libertarian case against cars // The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast  

May 25: Episode 434: Competing with Car Ownership // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

May 24: Disability, Aging and Parking Reform: Win-Wins and Trade-offs // Reinventing Parking 

Apr 25: Beijing’s escape from parking disaster // Reinventing Parking 

Feb 13: Walkable Parking in City Cores // Reinventing Parking

Jan 17: The High Cost of Free Parking with Donald Shoup // The War on Cars

Jan 2: Fixing America’s Car Culture with David Zipper // The War on Cars

Jan 02: Who’s been parking in MY street? Insights into residential parking from Liz Taylor // Reinventing Parking