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Jan 17: The Future of Transportation Has Arrived With Your Pad Thai // The War on Cars

Oct 25: The surprising things about being a public transit CEO in 2023 // Transit Unplugged

Oct 6: Active Transportation Reshaping Communities // Transportation Radio

Sep 18: News: Bloomberg shows how micro is the mobility solution for climate and more | Interview: Oonee CEO Shabazz Stuart // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Sep 14: Land Use to Reduce Transportation Emissions // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast 

Sep 06: Leaders in Cleantech #128 – Marc Multin – Switch // Leaders in Cleantech 

Jun 1: S02-E21 | The right to free movement with Robin Chase // Talking Transport Transformation 

Feb 09: We Travel to Reach Destinations // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Jan 24: What Do Transportation Lobbyists Do? // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast


Nov 29: Eric Rensel, Gannett Fleming – Partnering for Success: Transportation Planning Professionals and Engineers // ITE Talks Transportation

Nov 07: TDM – The Soft Side of Transportation // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

July 18: Fixing America with Chelsea Sexton//The PLUS Podcast by The Fully Charged Show

July 13: Wiebe Wakker Sustainable Adventurer from Plug Me In//Transit Unplugged

July 11: Local Government Challenges and Lessons Learnt in Smart Communities, with Martin Darcy//The Smart Community Podcast

July 4: The New Sunlight with Gridserve’s Toddington Harper//The PLUS Podcast by The Fully Charged Show

July 4: Younha Rhee & Gustavo Brunelli (Atelier Ten) – Environmental Design//The Green Urbanist

July 1: NHTSA’s New Crash Data and the Challenge of Automated Driving Regulation//Autonocast

June 2: Why It’s “Not Too Late” with Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutunatabua// Outrage + Optimism

May 31: Building Partnerships, Making a Difference: A Conversation with Mike Bloomberg and Patti Harris// Follow the Data Podcast

May 28: Private Networks – What are the Key Trends, Market Drivers, & Challenges// The Counterpoint Podcast

May 26: Huge Wins for Future Generations in Australia and Wales with Sophie Howe// Outrage + Optimism

May 09: Transit Education Giving Youth Mobility Independence in Canada, with Dan Hendry// The Smart Community Podcast

May 06: Twilight Of The Stonks// Autonocast

May 03: Großer Wurf oder Bumerang?// Emmett in Transit

Apr 27: Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 25// The Smart Community Podcast

Apr 24: Steve O’Reilly (The Rediscovery Centre) – Circular Economy and Social Value// The Green Urbanist

Apr 23: Sarah Kaufman on AVs and Urbanism// Autonocast

Apr 21: Earth Day Special: The Environmental Music Prize! with Edwina Floch// Outrage + Optimism

Apr 11: Sara Schurmann: Wie wird aus “Klartext Klima” Aktion für die Abwendung der Klimakatastrophe?// Katja Diehl – She drives Mobility (katja-diehl.de)

Apr 07: Hoe gaat Rotterdam voldoen aan klimaat doelstelling op mobiliteit? Aan het woord Maarten van Biezen voorzitter klimaattafel Rdam (Dutch)// Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Apr 06: IPCC Report: It’s Not Too Late to Mitigate with Ko Barrett// Outrage + Optimism

Mar 31: Ctrl Alt Delete for Transportation// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Mar 28: Claudia Kemfert: Was sind die drei Mythen der Verkehrswende – und was die drei schnellsten Lösungsschritte?// She drives Mobility

Mar 13: Einen Monat Buchautorin, ein Rückblick, ein Ausblick, was bewirkst du eigentlich Katja?// she drives mobility

Mar 10: Episode 373: Real Talk on Climate Action and TOD// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Mar 7: Episode 41: Michael Pawlyn (Flourish) – Regenerative Design, Biomimicry and Systems Change// The Green Urbanist

Mar 1: Episode 141: IPCC Report: Adapt or Die! with Patrick Verkooijen// Outrage + Optimism

Mar 1: Tall Stories 296: Pharmacy Salvator, Bratislava// Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Feb 28: Saskia und Christian sprechen über den Personalmangel in der Verkehrswende und Studiengänge, die das lösen werden (GERMAN)// She Drives Mobility

Feb 24: Episode 140: Every Country Could Be Carbon Negative with Erika Mouynes// Outrage + Optimism

Feb 18: TEASER: Jessie Singer on the Problem with Public Service Campaigns// The War on Cars

Feb 17: Episode 139: 2% For 1.5 with Yuval Noah Harari// Outrage + Optimism

Feb 16: Episode 66: Upcoming Parking and Mobility Conferences// The Parking Podcast

Feb 1: Episode 077: Laura Chace, President & CEO, ITS America// The Mobility Podcast

Jan 24: Summer Series: Active Citizens, Community Engagement and Participation in Smart Communities, with Katya Petrikevich// The Smart Community Podcast

Jan 11: 311 is a Joke with Alex Pareene// The War on Cars

Jan 11: Duurzaam vliegen, kansrijk of niet? Aan t woord Paul Peeters professor duurzaam toerisme Universiteit Breda en vliegtuigbouwer (Deel 3 in deze serie) (DUTCH)// Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Jan 6: Episode 152: People Want Other Options with Heather Thompson// The Movement Podcast

Jan 3: Raul Krauthausen: Wie kann ich was bewegen? Was ist konstruktiver Aktivismus? (GERMAN)// She Drives Mobility


Dec 17: Episode 363: Not Just Wires, Pipes, and Roads// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Dec 16: Episode 149: What Is the Benefit to the Customer? with Danny Levy// The Movement Podcast

Dec 14: Von der kommunalen Mobilitätswende und Universal-Renn-Reise-Maschinen (GERMAN)// Emmett in Transit

Dec 13: Episode 133: Innovative Finance to Fast-Forward Climate Solutions with Hiro Mizuno// Outrage + Optimism

Dec 9: Impact of Urban Mobility & Transport Planning on Air Pollution Levels// Pave the Way

Dec 9: Episode 362: The Traffic War is Never Won// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Dec 9: Episode 132: Getting Over The Line at COP26 with Alok Sharma// Outrage + Optimism

Nov 30: Episode 062: The PATH ahead for Toronto’s underground// Spacing Radio

Nov 29: How developing Asia can lift energy subsidies and advance post-COP26 climate change mitigation// Asia’s Developing future

Nov 26: Episode 130: Opening Hearts with Elizabeth Wathuti// Outrage+Optimism

Nov 22: 39 Ways to Save the Planet// The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast

Nov 22: What’s New in the ITE Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition// Transportation Radio

Nov 10: The one with Pandrol// InnoTrans Podcast

Nov 3: Episode 126: COP26! All Eyes on 1.5// Outrage and Optimism

Nov 2: Greta Thunberg- wie schaffen wir die Klimarevolution (ENGLISH)// 15 Grad- der Klima-Podcast mit Luisa Neubauer

Nov 2: Episode 125: Banking on Net Zero with Noel Quinn// Outrage and Optimism

Oct 21: Episode 141: On the Hunt for Mobility as a Service// The Movement

Oct 21: Episode 121: Small Countries, Big Vision with Nicola Sturgeon// Climate Change Podcast | Outrage + Optimism

Oct 14: Episode 140: Independent Mobility is Sacrosanct with Timothy Papandreou// The Movement

Oct 14: Episode 120: Taking Business Net Positive with Paul Polman & Andrew Winston// Global Optimism

Oct 11: Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace// The Global Safety Podcast

Oct 04: #30: Scott McAulay – Anthropocene Architecture School // The Green Urbanist

Sep 30: 118. Protecting Our Planet with Cristián Samper // Outrage + Optimism

Sep 23: Episode 352: The Community Knows What it Wants // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Sep 22: 115. Turning Around in a Storm with David Shukman // Outrage + Optimism

Jul 4: Frithjof Bergmann – founder of New Work – in his last interview before his death on 23rd of may this year: On crises in the car industry and ideas for good „new“ work // she drives mobility // Frithjof Bergmann – founder of New Work – in his last interview before his death on 23rd of may this year: On crises in the car industry and ideas for good „new“ work – Katja Diehl (katja-diehl.de)

Jul 3: 108. Climate, Fossil Fuels and the Future of Shell with Ben van Beurden // Outrage + Optimism // Outrage + Optimism – 108. Climate, Fossil Fuels and the Future of Shell with Ben van Beurden (google.com)

Jun 23: The Jobs Are Back In Town // Telekinetic // The Jobs Are Back In Town | Telekinetic (telekineticshow.com)

Jun 9: Connecticut DOT Climate Initiative Program and Partnership with Department of Environmental Protection // Transportation Radio // Transportation Radio (wordpress.com)

Jun 7: Where are the Bike Lanes In Lego City? // The War on Cars // The War on Cars: Where are the Bike Lanes In Lego City? (libsyn.com)

May 20: Moving at the Speed of Trust // Talking Headways Podcast // Talking Headways Podcast: Moving at the Speed of Trust – Streetsblog USA

May 20: EPISODE 275: Pump for Peace with Claudio Caluori // Spokesman Cycling // Pump Tracks for Peace with Claudio Caluori – Hosted by David Bernstein & Carlton Reid since 2006 (the-spokesmen.com)

May 20: Cooling Conflict by Tackling the Climate Crisis with Jens Stoltenberg // Outrage + Optimism // Podcasts | Global Optimism

Apr 24: Badvertising // Streets Ahead //
Badvertising | Streets Ahead on Acast

Mar 14: #19: Virgin Cinquemani – Key Skills for a Successful Sustainability Career // The Green Urbanist //
#19: Virginia Cinquemani – Key Skills for a Successful Sustainability Career • The Green Urbanist – Podcast Addict

Mar 11: Sandra Wesemann & Ingwer Perowanowitsch (radikal:klima Partai), wieso gründet ihr eine neue Partei für Klimaschutz? // Freifahrt //
Freifahrt | Podcast (freifahrt-podcast.de)

Mar 11: Sandra Wesemann & Ingwer Perowanowitsch (radikal:klima Partai), wieso gründet ihr eine neue Partei für Klimaschutz? // Freifahrt //
Freifahrt | Podcast (freifahrt-podcast.de)

Mar 03: Why Tunnels and Gondolas Won’t Solve Congestion with Curbed’s Alissa Walker // No Parking // https://noparkingpodcast.com/podcasts/why-tunnels-and-gondolas-wont-solve-congestion-with-curbeds-alissa-walker/ //

Feb 18: 89. The Ministry for the Future with Kim Stanley Robinson // outrage+optimism // https://globaloptimism.com/podcasts/ //

Feb 11: 12 Konec? Kola, kostky, konference! // Urban Caast // https://urbanlaab.substack.com/p/poplach //

Feb 10: 105 There Needs to be Vision and Imagination with Sharon Feigon // The Movement // https://go.transloc.com/the-movement-podcast //

Feb 9: Episode LVIII // The War on Cars // https://waroncars.libsyn.com/episode-lviii //

Jan 29: Move More With The Miracle Pill Author Peter Walker // Spokesmen cycling // https://www.the-spokesmen.com/themiraclepill/ //

Jan 27: Test Driving the 2021 Cadillac Escalade with Andrew Hawkins // The War on Cars // https://waroncars.libsyn.com/test-driving-the-2021-cadillac-escalade-with-andrew-hawkins //

Jan 26: Carlos Braceras and Utah’s Vibrant Transportation Culture // TRB’s Transportation Explorers // https://open.spotify.com/episode/0oOL5FqSATSlfgKSHLN8QM //

Jan 22: Pete Buttigieg’s Nomination Hearing // The Mobility Podcast // https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/074-pete-buttigiegs-nomination-hearing/id1301517009?i=1000506144032 //

Jan 16: Streets Ahead Meets The War on Cars // Streets Ahead // https://shows.acast.com/streets-ahead/episodes/streets-ahead-meets-the-war-on-cars //

Jan 04: EV Roundup and what to expect in 2021 with Roger Atkins // Fully charged // https://fullycharged.show/podcasts/podcast-90-2020-ev-roundup-what-to-expect-in-2021-roger-atkins/ //


Dec 10: The French Connection // The War on Cars // https://waroncars.libsyn.com/the-french-connection //

Nov 22: Dr John Hultén – Public transport research partnerships in Sweden // Researching Transit // http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt18-dr-john-hulten-public-transport-research-partnerships-in-sweden/ //

Oct 01: Let’s celebrate #AfricanMobilityMonth with Jehan Bhikoo & Kirsten Wilkins // Talking Transport Transformations // https://talkingtransporttransformation.podigee.io/ //

Aug 16: Dr George Sun – Rail transit research at LTA Singapore // Researching Transit // http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt11-dr-george-sun-managing-rail-transit-research-in-singapore/ //

Jul 19: Dr Evan Gwee – Managing on-road transit research in Singapore // Researching Transit // http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt4-dr-evan-gwee-managing-on-road-transit-research-in-singapore/ //

Jun 21: Dr Waiyan Leong – Transit economic research at LTA Singapore // Researching Transit // http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt7-dr-wai-yan-leong-transport-economic-research-lta-singapore/ //

Jun 06: 21 June 2020 TaxiStrike – Fragmented negotiations and a legacy of issues in transport // Just Transport // https://soundcloud.com/hlulanicom/21-june-2020-taxistrike //

Apr 30: People oriented transport planning: Transport Truths- Nahungu Lionjanga & Rozina Myoya // Just Transportation // https://soundcloud.com/hlulanicom/s1-ep4-transport-truths?in=hlulanicom/sets/just-transport-podcast //

Mar 22: Dr Joanna Moody – Car pride or bus pride? It’s in the branding // Researching Transit // http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt1-dr-joanna-moody-car-pride-or-bus-pride-its-in-the-branding/ //