Podcasts: Controlling vehicle use

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Jan 2: Fixing America’s Car Culture with David Zipper // The War on Cars

Dec 14: #295: Confessions of a Car Market Data Nerd with Tyson Jominy // Autonocast

Oct 24: Dark PR with Grant Ennis // The War on Cars

Sep 13: E99: An Interview with Fred Bredemeyer and a Conversation about Automated Parking Enforcement // The Parking Podcast 

Sep 05: Back to School with the Bike Bus // The War on Cars 

Feb 18: Ep. 24 La vida en Utopía con Chris Bruntlett (Curbing Traffic). // Planners Under the Influence


Nov 24: How To Create People-Friendly Cities (w/ Melissa Bruntlett) // Pave the Way

Nov 21: Active Travel & The Economy // Streets Ahead

Aug 26: Understanding The Value of Shared Mobility, How to Design Infrastructure For All Road Users & More (w/ Dr. Natalia Barbour)// Pave The Way

Aug 16: On-demand buses will complement fixed line service to attract passengers – Dheeraj Bhardwaj// Mobility Innovators

July 18: “We’re not doing doom and gloom!” – Live from Footprint+ Sustainability Conference//The Green Urbanist

July 12: Mondays at The Overhead Wire – The Universe//Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

May 02: Do We All Need Cars? With Doug Gordan// The PLUS Podcast by The Fully Charged Show

Mar 3: School Bus Electrification with Sue Gander// Transportation Radio

Feb 22: Vapor Bowl Tailgate Party with Amy Westervelt// The War on Cars

Feb 18: Episode 244: Jason Devitt and Tarani Duncan of Compound Eye (EXPLICIT)// Autonocast

Feb 9: What Uber Hath Wrought [Rerelease]// The War on Cars

Jan 26: MF033: Die Mitfahrgelegenheit: ein Hebel für nachhaltige Mobilität (GERMAN)// Mobilitätsfunk


Dec 27: Curbing Traffic with Melissa and Chris Bruntlett// The War on Cars

Dec 22: Smells Like Teen Climate Anxiety// The War on Cars

Dec 13: Episode 288: Why is anti-roads campaigner John Stewart against LTNs?// The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Oct 05: Episode #284 – Birmingham to become a super-sized low-traffic neighbourhood // The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast

Sep 25: Tesla Megafactory, Audi Q4 e-tron, Toyota/Honda signing their death warrants, Rivian and more // Electrek

Sep 01: 58 | Rolf Mienkus (Deine Flotte ’21), warum ist Ausprobieren so wichtig? // Freifahrt

Sep 01: Sharing mobility: competing or completing public transport in cities? New essay TU of Delft with Monica van Luven and Stavros Xanthopoulos // Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Jun 20: Thomas Krautscheid – wie forscht und beeinflusst Quotas aus Hamburg den Mobilitätswandel? // She Drives Mobility // Thomas Krautscheid – wie forscht und beeinflusst Quotas aus Hamburg den Mobilitätswandel? – Katja Diehl (katja-diehl.de)

Jun 16: MAKING TAXIS PART OF THE TRANSPORT SOLUTION IN SAUDI ARABIA WITH NAIF BIN HWAIL // Transit unplugged // Making Taxis Part of the Transport Solution in Saudi Arabia with Naif Bin Hwail | Transit Unplugged Podcast

Jun 3: More Highways, More Driving // Talking Headways // Talking Headways Podcast: More Highways, More Driving – Streetsblog USA

Jun 1: #02 How much do we need to regulate new mobility? // Mobility Planet // Mobility planet (letscast.fm)

May 9: Curbing Cars with Chris and Melissa Bruntlett // Spokesmen Cycling Podcast //
Curbing cars with Chris and Melissa Bruntlett – Hosted by David Bernstein & Carlton Reid since 2006 (the-spokesmen.com)

Apr 20: The Emperor’s New Tunnel // The War on Cars //
The War on Cars: The Emperor’s New Tunnel (libsyn.com)

Mar 08: Peter Deppe – Kuhmute // Smarter Cars //
Why Tunnels and Gondolas Won’t Solve Congestion with Curbed’s Alissa Walker · No Parking Podcast (spotify.com)


Oct 08: Road Collision Reporting Guidelines // Streets Ahead // https://play.acast.com/s/streets-ahead/episode-15-road-collision-reporting-guidelines //