Podcasts: Data and Transport



Jul 1: RT 49 – Marcela Munizaga – Transit Data for Forecasting and Analysis // Researching Transit 

Jun 15: HERE UniMapLeveraging AI and Automation to Redefine Mapmaking at Scale // The Counterpoint Podcast 

Jun 4: RT 47 – Stefan Voß – Transit Robustness, data and the state of the research field // Researching Transit 


Oct 12: The Future Fix: Experiments in Mobility // Spacing Radio

Sep 07: Steve Young — VIA Metropolitan Transit// Transit Unplugged

Sep 06: Daten horten oder teilen?// Emmett in Transit

Aug 21: Building Accessible, Liveable and Sustainable Communities in Camden, with Gaya Gounder// The Smart Community Podcast

July 31: Micromobility and public transport integration: How to build 15-minute cities? | Scott Shepard// Mobility Innovators

July 27: Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 28// The Smart Community Podcast

July 22: Finding Resilience in Public Transportation// Esri & The Science of Where Podcast

July 15: The best data for emergency services CAD systems// Location Matters

July 02: Transport for London is using an Open Innovation model to collaborate with Mobility Startups// Mobility Innovators

June 30: Leo Frachet explains why mobility data standards will help save the planet//Between the Lines – a TDM podcast powered by Commutifi

June 25: What Is Modern GIS?// MAPSCAPING

June 19: Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Thriving Communities, with Dr. Mariela Alfonzo// The Smart Community Podcast


May 31: Mapping and the quest for social justice// Esri & The Science of Where

May 12: Measuring Transportation Insecurity// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

May 06: Transport data should be free and fully open to all mobility stakeholders// Mobility Innovators

May 02: New Transport Data Making Better Mobility Decisions, with Emily Bobis// The Smart Community Podcast

Apr 27: How is technology enabling informal public transportation to move emerging megacities?// Mobility Innovators

Mar 31: Understanding riders’ behavior is critical for transit sector recovery// Mobility Innovators

Mar 28: Offene Parkraumdaten & ParkenDD: Wie aus Open Data Anwendungen für Kommunen entstehen// MobiData BW Podcast

Mar 24: Warum wir Mobilitätsdaten brauchen und Mobilitätsinformationen bereitstellen müssen// rethinking.mobility

Mar 14: Innovationsförderung & digitale Mobilität – das Förderprogramm MobiArch zur Unterstützung von Daten, Anwendungen und Methoden um innovative Mobilität in Baden-Württemberg// MobiData BW Podcast

Mar 03: Mobilitätsdaten & Gender – Wie können wir die Lücke bei Gender Mobility Data schließen?// MobiData BW Podcast

Feb 22: Open Data macht sich nicht von allein// MobiData BW Podcast

Jan 26: Open Data in Kommunen// MobiData BW Podcast


Nov 11: The ESA open Mapping HUB// Africa GeoConvo

May 26: Bessere Daten für mehr Sicherheit im Radverkehr// MobiData BW Podcast

May 19: An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence// MAPSCAPING

Apr 27: Mapping the world// Practical AI

Apr 21: Access to data – making room for unexpected contributors// MAPSCAPING

Apr 14: Hamburger Hochbahn: Wie Städte die Mobilitätswende gestalten können// Deep Dive Mobility

Mar 31: OpenStreetMap is a community of communities// MAPSCAPING

Mar 09: Mobilität der Zukunft// gis.Radio

Jan 01: Mapping Our World: Saving Lives// Africa GeoConvo