Podcasts: E-Mobility

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Apr 29: Gagan Dhillon – SYNOP // The Fully Charged Podcast

Apr 27: Tesla earnings, Model 3 Performance, Mercedes-Benz electric G-Class, and more // Electrek

Apr 24: EV Winter? (with Tyson Jominy) // Ride AI

Apr 19: Tesla layoffs, all-in on Robotaxi, shareholders vote, and more // Electrek

Apr 18: Episode 479: Charging Up Transportation // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Apr 15: Possibly The Best EV Ever Made with Ricky Roy // The Fully Charged Podcast

Apr 12: Tesla Robotaxi unveiling, Cybertruck battery pack, new Mustang Mach-E, and more // Electrek

Mar 25: What on Earth is going on with EVs, and why is London to blame? // The Fully Charged Podcast

Jan 5: EV delivery numbers, EPA range change, BYD overtakes Tesla, and more //


Nov 21: FDNY, CPSC, USDOT: Electric Bike/Scooter Batteries, Fires, Deliveries and Safety: What Are the Real Issues? // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Nov 10: Tesla Cybertruck spec leak, Volvo EX30 first drive, EV earnings, and more //Electrek

Nov 8: Swifty Scooters: Micromobility America Startup Award Winners and their newest scooter, the G500 // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Oct 16: Transit Unplugged News Minute: Happy 150th Birthday to the Cable Car! // Transit Unplugged

Oct 3: Leaders in Cleantech #132 – Joshua Aviv – SparkCharge // Leaders in Cleantech

Oct 1: Climate Week has no micro, Bike Buses instead of Car Lines and Will We Start to See Front Loading Cargo Electric Bikes in the USA? // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Sep 26: Gabe Klein, Executive Director, US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation: Moving Transportation Electrification Forward in the US  // Transportation Radio

Sep 18: News: Bloomberg shows how micro is the mobility solution for climate and more | Interview: Oonee CEO Shabazz Stuart // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Sep 06: Leaders in Cleantech #128 – Marc Multin – Switch // Leaders in Cleantech

Sep 06: Electrek at IAA, Model 3 Highland in person, electric GTI and more // Electrek

Sep 04: Ensuring Clean Energy For The Next Generation With Chris O’ Riley // The Fully Charged Podcast 

Aug 23: Dimas Barrreira–Going all electric isn’t the only path to reducing emissions // Transit Unplugged 

Jul 31: The Godfather Of EVs with Dr Andy Palmer // The Fully Charged Podcast 

Jul 6: 190: The exploding world of micromobility-first freight with Finmile CEO Rich Pleeth // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries 

Jun 15: Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 20 – Isabel McAllister, First Bus // Intelligent Transport Podcast 

Jun 1: S02-E21 | The right to free movement with Robin Chase // Talking Transport Transformation 

May 18: Chasing zero // The Urbanist 

May 16: Why We Need to Decarbonise Transport, the Value of Electric Mobility & More (w/ Stephen Draexler) // Pave the Way  

Jan 5: EV delivery numbers, EPA range change, BYD overtakes Tesla, and more //