Podcasts: Managing parking

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Jan 17: Dr. Perry Eggleston, Executive Director of Transportation Services for UC Davis, discusses the UC Davis Consumer Daily Choice program. // The Parking Podcast

Dec 19: Most buildings run their parking badly. Let’s fix that // Reinventing Parking

Nov 9: Parking reform around the world: a new report from ITDP // Reinventing Parking

Nov 8: E103: An Interview with Levi Sudak and a Conversation about Entrepreneurship // The Parking Podcast

Oct 24: E102: An Interview with Tony Jordan and a Conversation about the Parking Reform Network // The Parking Podcast

Oct 10: E101: An Interview with Tony DiPaolo

Oct 24: E102: An Interview with Tony Jordan and a Conversation about the Parking Reform Network // The Parking Podcast

Oct 10: E101: An Interview with Tony DiPaolo and a Conversation about LAZ Parking // The Parking Podcast

Oct 3: We Gamified Parking Reform // Reinventing Parking

Sep 26: 100th Episode Celebration // The Parking Podcast

Aug 30: E98: An Interview with Becca White and a Conversation about a Career in Parking // The Parking Podcast 

Aug 30: Is Parking Reform Anti Car? // Reinventing Parking 

Aug 1: E96: An Interview with Jonathan Curth and a Conversation about Parking Minimums // The Parking Podcast 

Jul 26: Powerful Parking Maps // Reinventing Parking 

Jul 18: E95: An Interview with Kevin Woznicki and a Conversation about ParkTrans Solutions // The Parking Podcast 

Jun 21: Parking reform and newly motorizing cities // Reinventing Parking 

May 24: Disability, Aging and Parking Reform: Win-Wins and Trade-offs // Reinventing Parking 

Apr 25: Beijing’s escape from parking disaster // Reinventing Parking 

Feb 13: Walkable Parking in City Cores // Reinventing Parking

Jan 17: The High Cost of Free Parking with Donald Shoup // The War on Cars

Jan 02: Who’s been parking in MY street? Insights into residential parking from Liz Taylor // Reinventing Parking


Nov 29: Is Singapore parking weird like Singapore? // Reinventing Parking

Sep 13: An Interview with Melissa Rysak and a Conversation about Parking and Mobility// The Parking Podcast

Aug 24: Dehli parking: a non-profit initative// Reinventing Parking

Aug 02: An Interview with David Hoyt and a Conversation about Parking// The Parking Podcast

July 27: Let’s end sidewalk parking// Reinventing Parking

June 09: A Word about the 2022 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference// The Parking Podcast

May 26: An Interview with Irma Henderson and a Conversation about UCR// The Parking Podcast

May 11: Paths to parking reform (YIMBYtown panel highlights)// Reinventing Parking

May 11: An Interview with Katherine Beaty and a Conversation about Fraud Prevention// The Parking Podcast

Apr 25: An Interview with Matthew Valera and a Conversation about Parking Guidance// The Parking Podcast

Apr 21: Mallory Baker explains why changing parking regulations to facilitate affordable housing creation will help save the planet// Between the Lines – a TDM podcast powered by Commutifi

Apr 12: They Paved r/place and Put Up a Parking Lot// The War on Cars – Enlist today!

Apr 05: Are parking minimums an endangered species internationally?// Reinventing Parking

Mar 23: Ending parking mandates isn’t just for big, transit-rich cities! Ask Fayetteville// Reinventing Parking

Mar 15: Episode 68: An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Tougas and a Conversation about Permitting// The Parking Podcast

Mar 2: Episode 67: An Interview with Scott and Julie Brusaw and a Conversation about Solar Roadways// The Parking Podcast

Feb 28: São Paulo has been a parking reform trailblazer// Reinventing Parking

Feb 2: Episode 65: An Interview with Brent Matthews and a Conversation about Placemaking// The Parking Podcast

Jan 28: How the Netherlands handles parking// Reinventing Parking

Jan 19: Episode 64: An Interview with Gabe Klein and a Conversation about Cities// The Parking Podcast


Dec 29: Exciting news about Parking Reform Network and this podcast (and how YOU can help)// Reinventing Parking

Dec 22: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year// No Parking Podcast

Dec 8: Episode 63: Parking Gives Back// The Parking Podcast

Nov 24: A Word of Thanks// The Parking Podcast

Oct 27: Episode 61: An Interview with Carmen Donnell and a Conversation about Change// The Parking Podcast

Oct 13: Episode 60: An Interview with Maria Irshad and a Conversation about Parking Benefit Districts// The Parking Podcast

Sep 29: E59: SWPTA Fall Conference // The Parking Podcast

Sep 14: #58: An Interview with Josh Eisen and a Conversation about Parking Logix // The Parking Podcast

Sep 07: How parking mandates got nixed with minimal fuss in an area in Sydney // Reinventing Parking

Sep 01: E57: An Interview with Jim Corbett and a Conversation about Pay-by-Cell Exclusivity // The Parking Podcast

Aug 10: Von smarten Parktickets und Parkplätzen, die zu Mobility Hubs werden // Emmett in Transit

Aug 04: E55: An Interview with Vanessa Solesbee and a Conversation about Estes Park // The Parking Podcast

Jul 28: Hard Won Parking Reform Victory: Cash-Out in Washington DC // Reinventing Parking

Jul 20: E54: An Interview with Peter Lange and a Conversation about Texas A&M // The Parking Podcast

Jun 28: 18: Skladování s Einsteinem // Urban Caast // ???? Urban Caast (substack.com)

Jun 22: E52: An Interview with Jeremy Zuker and a Conversation about WhereiPark // The Parking Podcast // The Parking Podcast (parkingcast.com)

Jun 8: Greg Lindsay chats with REEF Co-Founder & SVP, Philippe Saint-Just // Fast Forward // Greg Lindsay chats with REEF Co-Founder & SVP, Philippe Saint-Just von Fast Forward, Presented by CoMotion | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud

Jun 8: E51: An Interview with Cameron Guice of Cleanstreak and a Conversation about Pressure Washing // The Parking Podcast // The Parking Podcast (parkingcast.com)

May 27: Eduardo Bayón (Cityparking)// Hablemos de Movilidad // Eduardo Bayón (Cityparking) – Hablemos de Movilidad (podcast) | Listen Notes

May 19: E50: An Interview with Reachel Knight and a Conversation about Convertible Garages // The Parking Podcast // https://www.parkingcast.com/

Apr 30: Introducing the Parking Reform Atlas // Reinventing Parking //
Spotify – Introducing the Parking Reform Atlas – Reinventing Parking | Podcast auf Spotify

Apr 13: E48: An Interview with Matt Willenbrink and a Conversation about Sensors // The Parking Podcast //
E48: An Interview with Matt Willenbrink and a Conversation about Sensors von The Parking Podcast | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud

Mar 08: Getting parking prices right in Californian cities, big and small // Reinventing Parking //
Podcast (reinventingparking.org)

Mar 02: E45: An Interview with Larry Cohen about The Quirky World of Parking // The Parking Podcast // https://www.parkingcast.com/ //

Feb 01: Shabazz Stuart – Oonee // Smarter Cars // https://open.spotify.com/episode/7clyvOLnRR5Fbo1GwAvi6l //


Aug 15: Parking: All For Want of a Horseshoe Nail // The Transportation Podcast by VERCOS // https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5idXp6c3Byb3V0LmNvbS84NTQ0NDYucnNz/episode/QnV6enNwcm91dC01MDA2OTA5?sa=X&ved=0CAUQkfYCahcKEwjg4LCuvtzuAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAQ //

Aug 12: Parking revolution (a chat with Patrick Siegman) // Reinventing Parking // https://www.reinventingparking.org/p/podcast.html //

May 07: Reinventing Transport – Save Manila’s (mostly informal) public transport // Reinventing Parking // https://www.reinventingparking.org/p/podcast.html //