Podcasts: Micromobility

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Nov 8: ⚡️Swifty Scooters: Micromobility America Startup Award Winners and their newest scooter, the G500 // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Oct 12: The Future of Delivery is with Robots // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Oct 1: Climate Week has no micro, Bike Buses instead of Car Lines and Will We Start to See Front Loading Cargo Electric Bikes in the USA? // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Aug 23: Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 23 – Alex Berwin, Forest // Intelligent Transport Podcast 

Jul 6: 190: The exploding world of micromobility-first freight with Finmile CEO Rich Pleeth // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries 

Jun 16: 187: Spatial computing and what it means for micromobility with Horace Dediu // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Jun 14: New, Innovative Microtransit Models and How to Make Sure You Always Bring Your Passions to Work // Transit Unplugged 

Jun 8: 186: The story of premium two wheeler Cake Motorbikes with founder Stefan Ytterborn // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries 

Jun 1: 185: Subscriptionas-a-Service – unpacking a new micromobility business model with Micro OG and Tempo founder Michael Keating // Ride On! by Micromobility Industries

Mar 6: Micromobility is Changing the way We move for the better | Sebastien Bihari // Mobility Innovators Podcast


Sep 09: Talking Cities, Transformation and Micromobility with Rocky Mountain Institute’s Julia Thayne Demordaunt // Micromobility

Aug 26: A micromobility performing car – Marcus Li from Eli // Micromobility

Aug 18: A family focused micromobility offering – the wonderful story of Whee! With founder Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid // Micromobility

Aug 05: The incredible economics of Last Mile Micromobility Delivery with Adam BArmby, founder of EAV // Micromobility

July 27: Lawrence Leuschner – The Tale of TIER // Micromobility

July 14: How tilting unlocks micromobility for the mainstream – the story of Nimbus with CEO Lihang Nong //Micromobility

July 04: Harness Creativity and the Power of Shared Mobility, with Sandra Phillips //The Smart Community Podcast

June 08: Designing iconic ebikes – Job Stehmann, Chief Product Officer at Vanmoof // Micromobility

June 02: Avinash Rugoobur of Arrival // Autonocast

May 30: RAMPing heavy micromobility with Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto // Micromobility

May 25: How Carmel, Indiana Became the “Roundabout Capital of the United States” // ITE Talks Transportation

May 19: Quinn Wallace explains why universal basic mobility will help save the planet // Between the Lines – a TDM podcast powered by Commutifi

May 02: A full stack electric motorbike and battery swapping solution in Rwanda! – Ampersand // Micromobility

Apr 29: Shifting Mobility Patterns and How to Emerge Stronger // The Transit Authority

Mar 22: Tall Stories 299: South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata // The Urbanist

Mar 17: The tale of Cowboy with founder Tanguy Goretti // Micromobility

Mar 17: Dame Sarah Storey // Streets Ahead

Mar 3: Episode 132: The story of Gogoro and Battery Swapping with CEO and founder Horace Luke // Micromobility

Feb 26: Episode 131: The story of Bird with CEO Travis VanderZanden and Horace Dediu // Micromobility

Feb 02: Episode 130: Revisiting the Exploding demand for Delivery Worker Micromobility with Mina Nada of Zoomo // Micromobility