Podcasts: Women Empowerment & Inclusive Mobility


Sep 28: S02-E25 | Women empowering women – Feminist transport policy with Laura Ballesteros  // Talking Transport Transformation

Aug 15: MF086: Women in the world of mobilitywith Coco Heger-Mehnert from Women in Mobility // Mobility radio

Aug 2: Innovation, Accessibility, and Attracting New Riders–UITP CEO Roundtable Part 2 // Transit Unplugged 

Jul 27: S02 – E23 | Elevating Mobility of Care in Transport Planning with Aimée Gauthier // Talking Transport Transformation 

Jul 11: Mittendrin oder nur dabei? // Emmett in Transit 

Jun 29: S02-E22 | Unveiling the Transformative Power of Cycling in Nairobi with Cyprine Odada Mitchell // Talking Transport Transformation 

Jun 1: S02-E21 | The right to free movement with Robin Chase // Talking Transport Transformation 

May 18: Episode 433: Women Who Ride Transit // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

May 14: #67: Co-designing for Spatial Justice with Jane Wong, Lydia Toohey and Tom Greenall (DSDHA) // The Green Urbanist 

Mar 13: RT 41 – Karen Lucas – Researching Transport and Social Exclusion // Researching Transit

Mar 9: Feminist Perspectives on Biking and Commuting with Keisha Mayuga // Talking Transport Transformation

Mar 7: Feminist City with Leslie Kern // The War on Cars

Mar 2: Episode 422: The Messiness of Family Travel // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Feb 18: Mums For Lungs // Streets Ahead

Feb 16: Episode 420: Homelessness and Transit // Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast


Nov 10: Talking Inclusive Mobility with Crystal Asige and Neil Taylor // Talking Transport Transformation

Nov 02: Cost of Living & Transport // Streets Ahead

Sep 27: Exploring The Gendered Impact of Mobility (w/ Kalpana Viswanath) // Pave The Way

Sep 14: Paul Comfort, Bacarra Mauldin, and Alex Wiggins on Diversity and Inclusion// Transit Unplugged

Sep 12: Boris von Heesen: What do the consequences of male automobility cost us – and how do we get out of toxic masculinity?// she drives mobility

Aug 16: All Bodies on Bikes with Marley Blonsky// The War on Cars

July 27: Alva Carrasco and Herold Humphrey on the expanding role of Latinos in transit leadership// Transit Unplugged

July 18: Unlocking the Possible with Diversity of Thought and Human Potential//The Smart Community Podcast

July 17: The UBER files – what weaknesses do the revelations reveal and what consequences do we have to draw?//she drives mobility

July 15: ACT Council Spotlight Mini-Series: Vanpool Council//Between the Lines – a TDM podcast powered by Commutifi

June 26: Description of the episode//https://open.spotify.com/episode/070e5dT7zried5EF8FCx3w?si=bvOzEye8SnGwAVE0Nrgf6g

June 06: Decolonising Sustainability, with Samantha Suppiah, Christina Mirasol Sayson, Anna Denardin and Nolita Mvunelo// The Green Urbanist

May 17: MF045: The role of diversity and emotions for public transport// Mobility radio

Apr 07: The Future is Intersectional with Leah Thomas// Outrage + Optimism

Mar 29: Women’s Economic Empowerment in Asia After COVID-19// Asia’s Developing Future

Mar 24: Africa: A View From The Frontlines of Climate Justice and Gender Equality with Vanessa Nakate// Outrage + Optimism

Mar 8: On Her Way – S1E1: Safe design of cities// On Her Way Podcast

Mar 8: Episode 25: El patriarcado en concreto (SPANISH)// Planners Under the Influence

Mar 7: Intro: Season 1 – On Her Way// On Her Way Podcast

Feb 25: Season 3, Episode1: Transit Equity Day – Why Racial Equity Matters to Sound Transit// The Transit Authority

Feb 22: Universal Basic Mobility with Imogen Pierce// The PLUS Podcast by The Fully Charged Show

Feb 18: Cities for People and the Invisible Landscapes// Women in Urbanism

Feb 14: Episode 40: Disability Mobility with Anna Zivarts, Abby Griffith and Micah Lusignan (Disability Rights Washington)// The Green Urbanist

Feb 12: S02-E09 | Mobility Justice and access to Urban Leisure with Shahin Shakibaei// Talking Transport Transformation

Feb 11: Linking Disability and Road Safety Issues (w/ Devika Malik)// Pave The Way

Jan 31: Caro Rackete and Manuel Grebenjack from #LobauBleibt: How does climate justice become a driver of social transformation? (ENGLISH)// She Drives Mobility

Jan 26: Advancing the Role of Women in Transportation with Laura Chace, ITS America President and CEO// ITE Talks Transportation’s Tracks

Jan 21: Episode 366: Inherent Transportation Expertise// Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

Jan 14: S02-E08 | Empowering women in Zambia through cycling with Wyson Lungu// Talking Transport Transformation


Nov 25: Transit Leaders Panel: 5 of the most powerful women in transit today// Transit Unplugged

Nov 8: Community Intelligence and Empowering Citizens, with Ghazaleh Sadat Ghoreishi// The Smart Community Podcast

Oct 25: Wie soziale Innovationen unsere mobile Zukunft revolutionieren – Dr. Nari Kahle und ihre Reise zu den Mobilitätsinnovationen (German) // She Drives Mobility

Oct 10: Einmaliges Bündnis aus Wohlfahrts-, Umwelt- und Sozialverbänden, Gewerkschaften und der Evangelischen Kirche vertritt Millionen in Deutschland. (German)// She drives Mobility

Oct 06: How Do You Shop In Miami If You Can’t See? A Conversation with Disability Advocate David New // No Parking Podcast

Sep 29: Four Inspiring Women Leading the Way in Australia // Transit Unplugged

Sep 22: Violence and Harassment in the Workplace // The Global Safety Podcast

Sep 09: Citizens Lab // IAA Mobility Special #2 mit Nikolaus Gradl (Stadtrat, SPD) & Dr. Ines Kawgan-Kagan (AEM Institute) // Freifahrt

Aug 25: 133 This Stuff is Explicitly Political with Alex Baca // The Movement

Aug 19: Episode 347: The Feminist City // Talking Headways

Aug 04: From the Archives | Professor Sofia Ranchordás (University of Groningen) on Inclusive Mobility // Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

Aug 04: #03.04 | Ana-Cristina Grohnert – Wie funktioniert Diversity (Englisch) // Transportation matters

Jul 20: 128 Sympathy Doesn’t Do a Damn Thing // The Movement

Jul 18: Warum unser System sehr viele ins Auto zwingt: Eine Episode über das sexistische, ableistische, rassistische Verkehrssystem // She Drives Mobility

Jun 14: 123 Listening More than Telling with Mouchka Heller & Jose Richard Aviles // The Movement // The Movement Podcast | TransLoc

Jun 11: Season 2, Episode 3: Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month // The Transit Authority // Season 2, Episode 3: Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month (apta.com)

Jun 3: 79: History lessons (freeways and community opposition): Sebastian Gurciullo PROV // PlanningxChange // Podcast Xchange — Planning Xchange

Apr 26: Mind the Mobility Gap: Is the future female? // Women of Tier //
Spotify – Mind the Mobility Gap: Is the future female? – Women of TIER Podcast | Podcast auf Spotify

Apr 20: Revolutions: How Women Changed the World on two wheels // Spokesmen Cycling //
Revolutions: How women changed the world on two wheels – Hosted by David Bernstein & Carlton Reid since 2006 (the-spokesmen.com)

Apr 08: Gender-inclusive mobility with Ines Kawgan-Kagan and Sonal Shah // Talking Transport Transformations //
S02-E01 | Gender-inclusive mobility with Ines Kawgan-Kagan and Sonal Shah – Talking Transport Transformation – Podcast (podigee.io)

Mar 11: Latina Leaders in Transit // Talking Headways //
Talking Headways Podcast: Latina Leaders in Transit – Streetsblog USA

Mar 08: Gender & Public Space with Inés Sánchez de Madariaga // urbanNext podcasts //
Spotify – Gender & Public Space with Inés Sánchez de Madariaga – urbanNext podcasts | Podcast auf Spotify

Mar 08: Woman Driven Mobility // Woman Driven Mobility //
Announcing: Women Driven Mobility Podcast — Women Driven Mobility

Mar 04: Women in Transportation With Paula Hammond // Transportation Radio //

Feb 23: 51 | Katja Diehl (she drives mobility), warum und für wen bist du so wütend?// Freifahrt // https://open.spotify.com/episode/1aCSO0GQ099MHbhSZTdgdb //

Feb 08: Mind the Mobility Gap: Accessible Mobility // Women of Tier // https://open.spotify.com/episode/0ligpfnzzN5fabNuvQq3gV //

Feb 03: AASHTO`s ETAP Podcast: DC DOT Advancing Transportation Equity // Transportation Radio // https://transportationradio.wordpress.com/2021/02/03/dc-dot-advancing-transportation-equity/


Nov 17: Diverse Mobility Hollaback!: innovation against harrasment. // Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo // https://soundcloud.com/bancointeramericanodesarrollo/hollaback //

Oct 15: Keeping women safe with Elsa Marie D’Silva // Talking Transport Transformations // https://talkingtransporttransformation.podigee.io/6-elsamariedsilva //

Sep 17: How WomenMobilizeWomen in the transport sector with Laura Ballesteros // Talking Transport Transformations // https://talkingtransporttransformation.podigee.io/4-lauraballesteros //

Jul 05: Dr Laura McCarthy – Public transport use among new parents // Researching Transit // http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt8-dr-laura-mccarthy/ //

May 10: Dr Yamini Jain Singh – Gender Bias in Planning of our Cities // Researching Transit// http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/portfolio-item/rt4-dr-yamini-jain-singh-gender-bias-in-our-cities/ //