Embark on a six-week course, “Exploring the World of Electric Buses: Advancing Zero-Emission Public Transport” offered by TUMI, to gain a fundamental understanding of electric buses’ planning, operation, and maintenance. Discover the historical significance of these eco-friendly vehicles and their essential role in reducing pollution, cutting costs, and diversifying public transport. The course covers the basics, starting with an overview of electric buses and their benefits for society, the environment, and individuals. With a focus on simplicity and professionalism, you’ll be prepared for the future of cleaner and greener public transportation. Join a dedicated online community of professionals committed to shaping a sustainable and eco-friendly global public transport system.

Using a variety of interviews, articles, and readings, each week’s program is intended to increase your consciousness, understanding, and insight. You will have the chance to consider the lessons you’ve learned and share them with other students in a discussion forum at the conclusion of each week.

Regardless of experience or prior knowledge, this course is appropriate for people who are interested in learning more about Electric Buses as an introductory course.


  • Week 1: Introduction to Electric Buses and their Benefits
  • Week 2: E-Bus Project Planning & Stakeholders Involvement
  • Week 3: Technology Selection & Financing Models
  • Week 4: Operations Planning & Monitoring
  • Week 5: Staff Training & Employment Opportunities 
  • Week 6: End-of-Life Battery – Scrapping and Recycling Practices of Batteries