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E-Bus Retrofitting for developing countries (TUMIVolt Charging Station, Episode 14)

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Globally cities have started working towards electrifying their public transport fleets. Several cities have also even committed to full fleet electrification targets as early as 2025. However, despite the evolution of new business models, high upfront cost is still being considered as barrier in many countries due to reasons related to geopolitical issues; poor local stakeholder’s credibility and recently purchased fossil fuel fleets. Further, until the replaced fossil fuel buses are scrapped, there are fair chances that these fossil fuel buses will come up on road in some secondary applications. Due to these reasons, cities are looking forward to retrofitting as a potential solution in their efforts towards electrification and many start ups have come up in several parts of the world including USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, etc to serve the emerging demands.

In this episode we will discuss some of the key questions faced by cities aiming to move forward with retrofitting as a solution.

Topics of Discussion:

  • How does retrofitting work?
  • New Electric Vehicle vs Retrofitting
  • Solutions & best practices


Guest Speakers:

Thomas Teschner, Technical project manager, INSTITUT NEUE MOBILITÄT UG

Robert Reisenauer, Chief Sales Officer pepper motion GmbH

E-Bus Retrofitting for developing countries (TUMIVolt Charging Station, Episode 14)