• 17 March 2020
  • Capacity Building

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New publication online: A 250k gap – Building capacity for the global mobility transition

There are many reasons to change the transport system from business as usual and to achieve sustainable development; moving from a car-oriented approach to a people centered-approach will provide many benefits: freeing valuable space in expanding and congested cities; reducing fatalities and enabling alternatives to moving alone by car; reducing air pollution and carbon emissions; and increasing accessibility to social infrastructure and economic opportunities for all members of society, to name a few.

The urgent need for transformative action towards sustainable mobility for all on a local, national and global level is well known, but there is a lack of implementation. Over the past decade, many more experts and decision-makers have understood which actions to take.

However, widespread political will and their capacity to implement change are still lacking and inconsistent. Institutional arrangements are insufficient to set approaches of transformative mobility into motion. With many of the technical as well as policy options well known, there remains a fundamental gap in localizing and implementing those actions.

This gap is often caused by a lack of human resources, with limited local expertise and an insufficient number of local staff and departmental capacity. In addition, not enough staff are trained or have experience in how to implement sustainable mobility solutions professionally. These issues are all strongly related to a key pillar of enabling change towards sustainable mobility: capacity building.

The following research paper identifies the future capacity building needs and initiates the reflection on how improvements in education and capacity building programs can meet the future demand to enable a pathway towards sustainable mobility for all.

Download the paper here ???? https://www.transformative-mobility.org/publications/a-250k-gap-building-capacity-for-the-global-mobility-transition

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