Part two of the Building Feminist Cities workshop series takes place as part of the Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2024. The conference hosted by the Asian Development Band (ADB) takes place from 14-17 May in Manila, Philippines.

Building Feminist Cities was initiated and piloted during a successful workshop held in Delhi, India that was co-hosted by WMW and Safetipin in October 2023. This event series aims to foster a diverse, global community committed to building more feminist, resilient and adaptable transport systems that are equipped to handle increasing societal and climate shocks.  As part of the Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2024, Building Feminist Cities continues with two events on May 17. 

Women Mobilize Women, together with Women on the Move Asia, will hold a panel session entitled Building Feminist Cities: Looking at the Intersections of Inclusivity”. The panel will focus on looking at cities with a feminist lens and dissecting the intersectionality of gender. Mobility expert with different backgrounds will share their unique perspectives in a panel discussion. After the panel, participants are invited to join on a Jane’s Walk around the vicinity of the ADB Headquarters that will incorporate perspectives from the panelists together with AI-generated images of reimagined spaces along the walk showing what a feminist city could look like.

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