To decarbonise transport and democratise the right to safe mobility, our transport systems must be inclusive, just, and sustainable. Women Mobilize Women (WMW), together with Safetipin, will host a dedicated workshop on the necessity to plan mobility projects, policies, and measures around the intersectional realities of all members of society. We know that when women and other marginalized groups are consulted and proactively considered, our transport systems are more sustainable, efficient, safe, and responsive to diverse needs and local challenges.

The dedicated workshop follows the Safetipin 10th Anniversary Conference on ‘Shaping Our Cities: Towards Gender Responsive Policies and Practices’. It takes a deeper dive into the inequities built into our transport systems which often stem from the patriarchal and technocratic paradigm that underpins transport.

‘Building Feminist Cities: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Transport Systems’ will bring together over 50 leading feminist thinkers and activists, high-level government officials, transport workers, development bank representatives, private sector, academics, and members from civil society to discuss how to reach a gender-transformative mobility transition where no one is left behind.

This event is on invitation only. Please contact Lena Kliesch ( if you are interested in participating.