This case study publication dives deeper into the evolution of sustainable urban mobility in Bogotá, Colombia, two times recipient of the Sustainable Transport Award (in 2005 and 2022). It is a useful document for cities, decision makers and advocates to learn how a strong vision for equitable and sustainable urban mobility can transcend through different political terms, and how mobility systems can withstand and bounce back from disruptions such as the recent pandemic while also addressing climate change.

Bogotá was first recognized with a Sustainable Transport Award for its innovative TransMilenio bus rapid transit (BRT) system, which became an example to the world of a high quality, high capacity modern bus system. Twenty years later, the public transport system has been transformed, and continues to transform through the electrification process, adoption of new standards, integration with other modes, and deployment of the publicly owned La Rolita system integrated with TransMilenio. Moreover, Bogotá’s experience proves that success is built over the years through dedicated funding for the cycling infrastructure and strategic planning that increases the cycling network and public spaces in the city.