Get ready for this 5-week MOOC/CLOM focusing on urban mobility in Africa. Led by experts from CODATU, this course dives into key themes including the characteristics of urban mobility, supply and demand dynamics, governance and planning, financing, and project management.

Each week of the course includes thematic videos featuring experts, testimonial videos showcasing experiences and projects in African metropolises, supplementary resources provided by the instructors, and an evaluation quiz to reinforce key concepts. Additionally, there are interactions between the instructional team and learners via a forum. A final exam is conducted for course validation, leading to the issuance of a completion certificate by the partners.


  • Week 1: Mobility and Climate: Explore the crucial link between mobility and climate change, understanding key challenges, actionable strategies, and sector adaptation.
  • Week 2: Active Mobility and Public Space Planning: Delve into the realm of active mobility and urban public space planning, examining innovative approaches to enhance urban accessibility and livability.
  • Week 3: Transitioning to Electric Mobility: Discover the transition towards electric mobility in African urban settings, exploring technological advancements, policy considerations, and integration strategies.
  • Week 4: Governance and Mobility Planning: Gain insights into governance structures and mobility planning processes, essential for sustainable and inclusive urban development.
  • Week 5: Financing Urban Mobility: Explore diverse financing mechanisms for urban mobility projects, ensuring effective implementation and scalability.

Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement endorsed by Université Senghor, Campus Groupe AFD, CODATU, and AUF.

Who Can Join?

This MOOC/CLOM is designed for a diverse audience, catering to both professionals and enthusiasts interested in the transformative changes shaping urban mobility in Africa. No prior expertise is required, making it accessible to all.

Embark on this learning journey starting 13 May, and let’s create sustainable mobility solutions together!