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Digitalizing E-Bus Projects

This online course offers public transport utilities and practitioners detailed information on how to implement future ready e-bus projects with the latest digitation tools and services. It adopts a specific focus on the use of digital tools at three different stages of e-bus projects: planning & procurement, operations monitoring & management and project performance evaluation. It also considers the data sharing challenges that transit agencies experience with the operators and aims to provide potential approaches to deal with them.

Teaching Format: Digital
Starting Date: Scheduled
Duration: 11 weeks
Language: English

The TUMI E-Bus Mission e-course started as an invitation-only course in October 2022 and is now open to all interested. Some of the recordings might mention discussions with moderators which took place during the first phase of the course. The course is now unmoderated and self-guided.

The course consists of seven modules and a virtual study tour. Except for the first module, which provides the basic knowledge, and the last module, which is the virtual study tour, each module was designed to be completed in two weeks. At the beginning of each module a recorded opening webinar gives insights to what to expect in the coming sessions and lets you meet the presenters.

Module 0 provides the fundamentals of electric buses and their challenges for those who would like some basics before jumping into the main part of the course.

Modules 1 & 2 provide the basics. As these modules set the base for the rest of the course, both need to be completed in order to receive certification at the end.

Modules 3 to 6: provide a deeper look at specific topics of interest, including scheduling, depot and charging management, control systems and the assessment of operations.

A virtual study tour to two cities that have begun the process of switching to e-buses.


Participants from 126 cities and 41 countries have already joined!

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Digitalizing E-Bus Projects


Digitalizing E-Bus Projects
Digitalizing E-Bus Projects