TUMI & GET.invest Join Forces to Advance E-Mobility

Mobility enhances access to education, health, and economic development. However, transportation accounts for around a quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Especially urban transportation modes therefore need to be transformed sustainably. By transforming the sector, we will reduce Co2 emissions, reduce noise pollution and the dependence on fossil fuels. One part of the solution is the transition to e-mobility to decarbonize the sector.

There are various strategies for promoting e-mobility to achieve such a shift; one of them being the provision of the right type of finance for companies and project developer. Here, GET.invest plays a key role. GET.invest is a European program that mobilizes investment in renewable energy in developing countries, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria. It provides tailor-made finance access advisory services and connects developers and companies looking for financing with investors, so they receive funding that matches their needs. Recently, the program has expanded its market segments to e-mobility. Companies and developers interested in such advisory services can apply for support through an online application form. In this way, GET.invest makes an important contribution to the development of sustainable energy markets and thus to the advancement of clean energy supply. Because only clean energy can ensure the switch to e-mobility effectively and sustainably.

TUMI has set its mission to promote e-mobility worldwide. To do so, TUMI supports transport projects all around the world and connects the various players, from city planners to public authorities and bus companies. TUMI has a global network and is a renowned initiative in the field of sustainable mobility with the aim of transforming urban mobility.

The shared vision of sustainable mobility for a better future now brings TUMI and GET.invest to work together with joint forces. Through this cooperation, they will promote the shift to e-mobility deployment with concentrated power, especially in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. In this way, an improvement in working and living conditions as well as the fight against climate change is tackled.

In detail, e-mobility companies and project developers can benefit from free support on

  • Investment strategy planning
  • Structuring support
  • Finance access support
  • Transaction support

Eligible are e-mobility companies that roughly fulfil the criteria which are accessible via the GET.invest website. However, cases that might deviate in one or the other criterion can always be discussed individually.

For further information, please consult the GET.invest website or approach

Berthold Schirm (GET.invest): berthold.schirm@get-invest.de

Marvin Stolz (TUMI): marvin.stolz@giz.de