Episode Description

In episode 3, ‘Gender, Mobility and Socio-Economic Status’, host Melissa Bruntlett is joined by Sonali Vyas, Associate Director at Safetipin, and Sarika Panda, Director at Nagarro and Founder Trustee of Raahgiri Foundation, to discuss mobility experiences in India, including the barriers to access as well as successful solutions helping to create more inclusive mobility.

When we focus solely on the gendered experience of transport, we can often overlook the economic impact of (lack of) access to transport/mobility. Not just in terms of the cost of transport itself, but also lack of access to essential services such as education, healthcare, and employment. Only by understanding this intersection of experience can we identify solutions.

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The intersection of identities and experiences produces different perspectives of mobility for different people. As a result, a gender sensitive mobility transition is about more than one’s identified gender, impacted also by one’s age, ability, economic access, and geographic location, among a myriad other intersectionalities. In this webinar series, we dive into topics that surround the intersectionality of gender and mobility over a series of 30 minute episodes featuring prominent voices in the mobility sector.

Understanding these differences is an important step to creating an equitable and gender responsive mobility system, and through a series of discussions with global advocates, professionals, and leaders, we will explore these differences to expand not only our own perceptions, but those of the broader mobility sector.