Of eight billion people worldwide four billion live in urban areas

Transport accounts for around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions

By 2050, passengers will travel almost 50 trillion kilometers on urban transportation networks

Sustainable mobility for a better future

Our vision

We are the leading global implementation initiative on urban mobility formed through 11 prestigious partners. We are all united by one big goal: changing mobility for the benefit of humanity and the environment, with an eye on a better future.

All around the world urban leaders, transport experts, planners or students strive to transform mobility for the better for all – we unite them. We roll out innovations on the ground, enable leaders with profound know-how and invest in the future of urban mobility.

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The first global hub on feminist transport and mobility

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Gaining Insights into Public Transport with the TUMI GTFS Analyzer


The TUMI E-Bus Mission: Video insights on E-Bus developments from around the world


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