• 8 March 2019
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Be inspired by Women Experts in Transport!

By Lena Fischer and Sophia Sünder

Happy International Women’s Day to you Remarkable Women all around the globe!

Be inspired by Women Experts in Transport! To make the daily work of women who transform urban mobility more visible, we publish the first TUMI Remarkable Women in Transport Publication, presenting highly qualified women transport experts. We publish the first edition of this new series on 8th March 2019 – just in time for the International Women’s Day 2019!

For further information on Women in Transport check out the Women Mobilize Women Website www.womenmobilize.org/publications/ where you will find the Remarkable Women in Transport publication from 8th March on!

Making female change makers visible is a first and necessary step to change miss-conceived conceptions and raise awareness. TUMI is happy to present the 1st “Remarkable Women in Transport” Publication.


Where can I find the “Remarkable Women in Transport” Publication?

The publication can easily be downloaded on www.womenmobilize.org/publications/ for free.

How were the women listed in the “Remarkable Women in Transport” publication selected?

The remarkable women experts in transport listed in the publication are a selcetion of women experts, who have been recommended by TUMI partners and who approved to be part of the first edition of the publication. The listed women represent only a very small part of the many more women experts out there striving to empower women in the transport sector and cater mobility to women’s needs. Therefore, the publication is a first step and does not strive to be comprehensive. To underline this, we will make a series out of the “Remarkable Women in Transport” Publication to feature and present many more inspiring transport women experts in the future. If you have recommendations whom to present, kindly contact us!

Will there be translations of the “Remarkable Women in Transport” available?

For now, we will publish the first edition of the “Remarkable Women in Transport” publication in English only. However, we will have some communication material about the publication available in Spanish.

All around the world women and men strive for a better mobility future for all. Yet, the majority of decision makers in the transport sector are male and women’s needs are often poorly adressed, if at all. TUMI seeks to highlight and support the role of women in sustainable urban mobility.