• 21 October 2020
  • Capacity Building

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(Don’t) Forget about 2020; get ready for 2021 – Road safety and sustainable mobility

By Friederike Dietsch

Workinar Matthew Baldwin Twitter

  • What happened in 2020 in terms of mobility?
  • Mobility transformations -from pop up Infrastructure to collaboration formats
  • What can we learn from the mobility response on COVID?
  • Reflecting on Resilience
  • What we can look forward to in 2021?
  • What we need to prepare for 2021.
  • About road safety
  • What can we learn from the rapid transformations?

Learn more and discuss about this in our Workinar on 12.11.2020 from 11:30 to 12:30 (CET).

Matthew Baldwin has been Deputy Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility since 2016 and was appointed as European Coordinator for Road Safety and related aspects of Sustainable Mobility on 1 October 2018. His interest in road safety goes back to 1985, when he worked for the UK Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety. He has two children and is a keen cyclist but semi retired runner.

There are only 30 places, so make sure to apply until 06.11.2020. Write down your motivation to join or send us your thoughts about one of these topics in any form:

– Lessons learnt from COVID

– Pop-up response activities in your city/country

– Resilience (individual, organizational, etc.) under COVID

– Things that can be done in one-year framework under VUCA conditions

– Digitalization

to info@transformative-mobility.org.