• 11 October 2019
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Youth for Climate Cycling Event in Hoi An, September 28th 2019

By Hoi An People Committee, GIZ and EU delegation in Vietnam

Within the framework of European Climate Diplomacy Week 2019 held by the EU Delegation to Vietnam, Hoi An City People’s Committee, in collaboration with the German Embassy and German Development Cooperation GIZ organized the Youth for Climate Cycling Event in Hoi An on September 28th 2019.

The event was attended by leaders from Hoi An City People’s Committee as well as members of the Hoi An Youth Union. The international community was also in attendance with representatives from the EU Delegation to Vietnam, German and Italian Embassies, and international projects in the area all making a vital contribution to the event.

The event aims to encourage young people in Hoi An to use bicycles as a sustainable means of transport in urban areas, which would contribute to reducing air pollution and preserving Hoi An’s old quarter. During the event, young people were encouraged to commit to taking a proactive role in tackling climate change and set an example for older generations to follow.

“The Hoi An bike sharing scheme, supported by Germany through GIZ, is a good example of sustainable transport and we are happy to promote it today. We believe this is also a very good contribution to a more sustainable form of tourism in Hoi An. On top of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cycling is also good for health and happiness,” said Mr. Koen Duchateau, Head of Development and Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Vietnam.

In Hoi An, the rapid development of motorized vehicles is posing a challenge to the management and preservation of Hoi An’s old quarter. With funds from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) under the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) program, which is implemented by the Hoi An People’s Committee in coordination with Heath Bridge Canada and GIZ Viet Nam, the City has taken concrete measures to tackle the issue. It has approved a plan for non-motorized transport development; piloted a bicycle-sharing system with 225 bicycles and 100 pedal-electric bikes; and has approved a pilot route with separate bicycle lanes between Hoi An and An Bang Beach.

“You shape the future of your beautiful city. Hoi An is a cultural jewel from the past – make it a flagship monument for a sustainable future with your bicycles! Cycle for your health, for the fresh air you are breathing and for the global climate,” said Dr. Sebastian Paust, the First Counsellor, Head of Development Cooperation, German Embassy in Vietnam”.

Vietnam is considered one of the five countries suffering the most severe consequences of climate change and its consequent disasters. In accordance with its international commitment on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals, the European Union has been actively assisting Vietnam to mitigate climate change by supporting energy transition, and by responding to climate change through co-funding several adaptation projects.

Through GIZ, the German Government has been supporting Vietnam in fulfilling its international commitments to the Paris Agreement on climate change. Germany is also supporting initiatives to mitigate and adapt to climate change at both central and local levels.


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