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Host #TUMISummer 2020 together with us

By Sophia Sünder

Become our Host City for the #TUMISummer 2020!

On the occasion of TUMIs 3rd birthday, we would like to invite all cities around the world: The chance to become the host city of the next #TUMISummer School!

All cities in the Global South can apply to hosting this exciting one-week event! By joining forces with TUMI, you will be hosting up to 50 global urban transport experts & change makers to transforming your city and to invent better sustainable mobility solutions together!

Call for Proposals open from 17th October 2019.

Apply with your city and point out in a video, why your city would be the perfect host for #TUMISummer 2020.

Application will be open here from October 17th until 17th December 2019.

Why you should host #TUMISummer?

Imagine 50 transport experts from around the world, being together one week to find the best sustainable transport solutions for your city!

For 50 practitioners, PhD students, postgraduates and academically qualified specialists, the next edition of our TUMI Summer School can take place in your city.

Through lectures with high-level speakers, introductions to methods and best practice examples as well as evening classes and field trips, we will jointly design programs to tackle your city’s urban transport challenges – for a better mobility future for all.

What would such an event look like? Watch the final result presentations from #TUMISummer 2019 the working groups on Communication, Public Transportation Planning, Road Safety, Traffic Simulation (Macrosimulation) below.

Your Benefits:

– 50 transport experts design sustainable transport solutions for your city

– Political attention and international outreach

– TUMI is at your side as the main sponsor

Impact Stories of #TUMISummer 2019

Two transport experts who have been part of #TUMISummer School 2019 shared the experiences and impacts they achieved. Be inspired for the next round and take the chance to host #TUMISummer 2020!

“#TUMISummer created an ideal networking environment and gave the opportunity to expand the basis of experts and facilitate common engagement in urban-development projects. (…) #TUMISummer was a powerful driver of positive and inevitable changes! I can’t thank enough for that.”

Viktoriia Naumenko, Transport Analyst Dornier Consulting International GmbH, Ukraine

“The emphasis on communication and how it needs to adapt to the different target groups was the most important conclusion that I drew from #TUMISummer School (…). I definitely recommend the experience to anyone who is thinking about participating because it goes beyond the technical aspects of mobility and delves into the more human factors, and obviously interacting with people from all over the world is a unique feature of the #TUMISummer School.”

Arturo Steinvorth Álvarez, Sustainable Mobility Coordinator at Centro para la Sostenibilidad Urbana

How to apply to host #TUMISummer 2020?

Apply to host the #TUMISummer 2020 by using the below form. Complete your application by sending us your details by an “application video” to tumisummer@transformative-mobility.org. The video must include:

– a presentation of your city and the key challenges that you want to tackle

– your motivation to host the #TUMISummer 2020

– information on what you will bring to #TUMISummer 2020 (What your contribution will be.)

Complete both application steps until December 17th, 2019.

Apply for #TUMI Summer 2020!

1. Fill in the FORM to the left

2. Complete your application by sending the following to


– a video AND/OR

– a minimum two page application why you are the perfect host for #TUMISummer2020 including

(A.) a presentation of your city and the key challenges you want to tackle;

(B.) your motivation to host the #TUMISummer 2020 and

(C.) information on what you will bring to #TUMISummer 2020; what your contribution will be.

Complete both application steps until December 17th, 2019.

We look forward to partner up with you to hosting #TUMISummer 2020!

Registration is closed.