• 28 March 2023
  • Sustainable Mobility Event

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Lviv Urban Mobility Forum

TUMI together with Lviv City council will hold a forum in Lviv, Ukraine, from 26-29 April 2023. The aim will be to discuss the current challenges that exist in the field of mobility and public transport, establish cooperation, and exchange the experience of all forum participants. Based on the results of the forum, it is planned to create a resolution with proposals for changes, which will later be submitted to Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure.

A resolution with a proposal of national policy reforms that:
a) contribute to the EU integration path
b) mitigate the effects of the War on cities and
c) systematically support sustainable urban mobility.

Following topics to discuss:

Traffic safety: accident data management and decision making by municipalities in compliance with Ministry of Community Development, Territories and of Infrastructure order dated 12.08.2022 № 598; Vision Zero concept implementation; safety-oriented design of streets and roads; TRACECA – approach on the analysis of economic losses from road accidents.

Cycling transport: Lviv Cycling Concept presentation; U-cycle knowledge sharing on cycling development in Ukraine; Bikes4U Ukraine and other NGO`s supporting cycling in conditions of war.

Changes to legislation: legislation on communities; changes to, national construction norms and standards, updates in traffic rules; Ukraine’s integration into the EU – what is required by the association agreement and other documents. Initiatives to implement changes.

Public transport & Electromobility: Optimizing the public transport network. Example of Lviv; integrated approach to urban planning and reconstruction; Introduction of urban railway passenger transportation in the cities of Ukraine; electronic E-ticket; Electrification of public transport (presentation draft law), Presentation of Lviv electric mobility plan; Choosing the optimal type of public transport; Adaptive control of traffic lights and prioritization of public transport and other road users.

Financing tools: European Investment Bank; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; International Finance Corporation; KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau); The Ministry of Finance – on raising funds for reconstruction beyond the limits set by the budget legislation.