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Author: TUMI

In-motion Charging Technology Buses (IChargeHDV, Session 9)

The Indo-German virtual Workshop on Innovative Charging Technology for Heavy Duty Vehicles (IChargeHDV) brought together policy makers, infrastructure developers, R&D institutes, and industry leaders in road freight transport technology. The workshop enabled stakeholders to develop competitive joint knowledge pools and to share previous experience in the sector. Below, you can access its presentations to gain valuable insights and knowledge on the topic.

This session focused on in-motion charging technology buses and coaches as a part of e-highway systems.

Topics of discussion:

  • Feasibility of technology transfer beyond trucks
  • What has to be observed?
  • Application potential / scope of eHighway coaches – need for future research


Speaker: Ms. Kristin Follmann, Institute of Traffic and Transport, Technical University of Darmstadt

In-motion Charging Technology Buses (IChargeHDV, Session 9)