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Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning

Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning published

„Integrated mobility helps make mobility in cities more sustainable and climate-friendly,” says Professor Ahrens, Technical University of Dresden, commenting on the new release of the English translation of the Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning. The recommendations introduce a new bi-level working method that emphasises goal-oriented, comprehensive transport planning and integration with spatial development planning.

Together with well-known colleagues from various German universities, cities and Consulting firms, Ahrens authored the publication for the German Road and Transport Research Association. Ahrens emphasizes: “It is challenge and opportunity to coordinate public transport plans, clean air plans and noise actions plans in mobility master planning. All transport related goals, concepts and measures have to be strategically incorporated in mobility master planning that fits with overall city development concepts.”

The Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning describe the state of the art and science in sustainable, integrative mobility master planning as a tool for planning practice. The primary focus is the framework and design of technical, methodological and procedural necessities for integrative planning processes. However, there is also a focus on the interplay between technical responsibilities in preparing decisions and the actual political decision-making.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Necessity of mobility master planning
  3. Aspects of integration in mobility master planning
  4. Processes of mobility master planning
  5. Differentiating the strategic-conceptual level and the implementation level
  6. Additional guidance on the process, procedures and organisation of mobility master planning
  7. Guidance on methods and content
  8. Consideration of urban form, settlement structure and other conditions
  9. Conclusion – Central elements of mobility master planning
Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning