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TUMI E-Bus Mission | March 2023 Update

Welcome to a new issue of the TUMI E-Bus Mission update!

We’re delighted to welcome March, the month of the International Women’s Day, with a special focus on inclusivity and women participation in the e-mobility sector: our commitment towards the just transition translates into actions and we want to tell you all about them.

February had our team back on tour, taking part in events in both Latin America and Africa. We held panel discussions at the Africa Green Economy Summit, and also organized a City Dialogue in Colombia, which took place in the context of the three-day event Conversápolis.

Read on and find out more about these events, along with other exciting news from our deep dive and network cities. Enjoy!


Number of the Month

229 Female Bus Drivers in “La Rolita”, Colombia’s Public Bus Operator


Photo: TUMI

The Public Bus Operator “La Rolita” which operates a 100% E-Bus fleet in the South of Bogotá has currently 229 female bus drivers, out of 600 newly created jobs.

Find out about the E-Bus Mission’s commitment to the Just Transition and the work we carry out towards a more inclusive and equitable e-mobility sector by watching the video on our Youtube channel!

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Regional E-Bus Mission Highlights

Conversapolis: City Dialogue in Colombia


Photo: Nicolás Benavides Maldonado /Audiocorp

Conversapolis, TUMI E-Bus Mission’s City Dialogue brought together experts and leaders in the field of private and public transport from the Colombian TUMI E-Bus Mission cities to discuss about the projects that are revolutionizing sustainable transport in Colombia. During this three-day event the delegates focused on strengthening capacities for the integral planning of a transition model from public transport to electric bus technologies to transform cities towards sustainable mobility.

Learn more about the discussions on our TUMI E-Bus Mission Knowledge Hub!

Learn more.


Gender Equity in Urban Mobility


Photo: Ana Jayme, IPPUC

To make the smooth transition to the low-carbon economy we need feminist transportation systems. Aware of the importance of the gender agenda, the German government has committed itself to a Feminist Development Policy, which is reflected in the different segments and projects it implements in the world and in Brazil. Seeking equity in female representation in decision-making spaces on public policies, GIZ launched in Brazil last year the Urban Women’s Leadership Network, whose objective is to strengthen the public management made by women through meetings, networking, lectures and training. In a way that women feel welcomed, recognized and valued, spaces for exchanges, welcoming, mutual learning and growth among mayors, secretaries and technical team leaders have been created.

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Linea 3 Metrobus in Mexico City is now 100% electric!


Photo: TUMI

Last month, Mexico City inaugurated the 100% electric Linea 3! This line, which is 20.4 km long, is part of the city’s BRT system Metrobus and is the first zero emissions line of its kind in Latin America supported by the Zero-Emission Bus Rapid Deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA). We are proud to support Mexico City as one of our deep dive cities, and to be part of this huge milestone in the electric transition of the region. Linea 3 will serve 200.000 people daily!

Find out more about the project.


The first e-bus travels the streets of Barranquilla


Photo: Rafael Munoz

For the first time an electric bus travels the streets of Barranquilla with the idea of promoting the transition of Transmetro’s fleet towards clean energy. On February 10th, the manager of Transmetro, Fernando Isaza, along with Transmetro officials, operators and representatives of the bus manufacturer in Colombia, toured the Transmetro line 40 for the first time on an 18-meters-long electric bus, manifactured by the Chinese brand Yutong, as part of the cooperation agreement between TUMI and the city of Barranquilla, implemented by the World Resources Institute (WRI) in the capital of the Atlantic.

Read more on Barranquilla’s electric transition.


ITDP Brazil launches the study “Contractual Innovations for Electrification of Public Transport”


Photo: TUMI

Several cities around the world have revised their public transport operation contracts to create opportunities for the adoption of electric vehicles. ITDP Brazil launches the study “Contractual Innovations for Electrification of Public Transport” which presents recommendations to innovate contracts and mitigate barriers to the adoption of electric buses, in addition to establishing incentives to adopt a service with lower operating and maintenance costs during the useful life of these vehicles.

Find out more.


Takeaways from Africa’s Green Economy Summit


Photo: TUMI

Africa’s Green Economy Summit was a three-day conference held in Cape Town, South Africa from 22 to 24 February 2023. The theme of the conference was: “Driving the Green Economy Investment Strategy”. It was great to note that mobility, and specifically electric mobility featured quite strongly at this summit. Other key thematic issues included green hydrogen, gender dimensions and just transition.

Read more about the conference.


Learning Opportunities


Photo: TUMI

Digitalizing E-Bus Projects | E-Course

The TUMI E-Bus Mission e-course Digitalizing E-Bus Project still welcomes new participants! Join this training to learn how to plan, procure and achieve improved operations efficiency of e-bus projects with digital tools.

When? Monday, 20 Feb – Friday, 28 Apr

Where? Online

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TUMI E-Bus MissionEvents


Photo: TUMI

Africa Electric Mobility Forum

We kindly invite you to the Africa E-mobility Forum to be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 20 – 24 March 2023, jointly organized by SOLUTIONSplus, the Africa Support and Investment Platform for E-mobility led by UNEP and TUMI E-bus Mission.

When? 20 – 24 March

Where? Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

More information about the event!