• 7 February 2019
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TUMI Volt Conference

By Sophia Sünder

A new global market place for electric and digital mobility

Let’s bring together what belongs together! With the international high-level conference TUMIVolt, the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) sets the stage: A new global market place for electric and digital mobility. On May 21, 2019 in line with the International Transport Forum (ITF) we connect you with mobility and energy providers, contractors, cities & urbanists, the public and private sectror as well as investors and donors.

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Connecting companies, leaders and experts from around the globe from the two sectors Energy and Mobility, to find a future-proof and sustainable business cases is the aim of the TUMIVolt Conference. We offer the stage for a market place: Connecting actors from the sectors mobility and energy in the field of e-mobility, to inspire investment and funding opportunities as well as new operating models and business entry points.

We set up a market place to pitch and present potential entry points of the mobility into the energy sector within all topics relating to e-mobility: energy suppliers, contractors, public and private sector as well as investors and donors pitch their projects, products and ideas for the future of electric mobility.

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