Explore more on the TUMI E-Bus Mission Cities and e-bus targets

The TUMI E-Bus Mission Campaign was officially launched in May 2022. Discover here the TUMI E-Bus Mission City patterns to learn more about participating deep dive cities and their ambitions in deploying e-bus fleets.

Mexico City


E-Bus Target: One Metrobús zero emission line by 2024; full electrification by 2035.

E-Bus Mission Symbol: Axolotl

The axolotl now only exists in the wild in one small pond outside Mexico City. The locals have grown very fond of their rare little neighbors. It appears throughout local contemporary culture.

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E-Bus Target: 1500 electric buses by 2024; full electrification of bus fleet by 2030.

E-Bus Mission Symbol: Elephant

Elephants are considered a symbol of divine benevolence in India. They are featured prominently on the emblem of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore being its capital.

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