• 13 August 2018
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The challenge is on again!

By Sophia Sünder

Cities in developing countries and emerging economies face bigger challenges than ever before.

Innovation is no longer optional; it is necessary so cities can continue to deliver results and improve life of their residents.

The 2019 TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge, sponsored by BMZ is an initiative to support local leaders in their mobility transformation efforts.

The Goal: Sustainable Urban Transport

As TUMI turns two we are looking at exciting accomplishments towards transforming urban mobility. Herewith, we present you with a couple of our most recent highlights as well as the winners of the TUMI Global Urban Mobility Challenge 2018! Through the work together with our partners we are building efficient, low carbon cities & transport systems. We are transforming lifes for the better and put innovation on the ground! TUMI encourages cities to raise their ambition through innovation by creating awareness, building novel stakeholder constellations, using new solutions as well as large scale urban infrastructure projects.

We support up to 10 cities with up to EUR 200k for your pilot project to start a mobility transformation in your city.

You have ideas and visions to improve mobility in your city. You might be at the beginning of a transformative process. You might need support to make your dreams a reality. This is where the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative can back you. You can participate in the Global Urban Mobility Challenge and receive help to get started and accelerate your ambitious urban mobility goals. Apply today!