• 28 February 2024
  • TUMI Update

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TUMI Update March

In this edition, we delve into two pivotal topics shaping the landscape of sustainable urban transport: gender inclusivity and the power of data.

In anticipation of International Women’s Day on March 8, we spotlight our work in the intersection of gender and mobility. Our new webinar series delves into diverse experiences, highlighting inclusivity in episode 2, “Gender, Mobility, and Disability: The Intersection of Varied Experiences.”

In our pursuit of data-driven solutions, we’re thrilled to introduce the GTFS Analyzer. Seamlessly integrated with the TUMI Mobility Data Hub, this powerful tool offers a streamlined approach to screening mobility data from cities worldwide.

Curious to explore real-world applications of data-driven mobility solutions? Look no further than our supported pilot projects across Latin America. From innovative pilot initiatives to impactful case studies, these projects showcase the transformative potential of data in revolutionizing urban mobility, one city at a time.

As always stay tuned for more of our insights, partner news, and job opportunities and a press review in this TUMI Update. Engage with us on our journey towards a more equitable, sustainable future of urban mobility.

Wishing you a month filled with inspiration and meaningful conversations!

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