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TUMI Update September 2022

Highlight of the Month

TUMI COP27 Campaign starts 5th September
The #JustTransition in the Transport Sector

On Monday, 5th September, TUMI launches an extensive social media campaign in the run up to COP27. Headline of the campaign will be “The Just Transition in the Transport Sector”. With the campaign on Just Transition we seek to highlight the TUMI Partner’s work on the topic to city-governments, civil society and the private sector. We want to share lessons on how workers and communities can benefit from the transition to an inclusive, low-carbon transport sector. Follow #JustTransition, and feel free to engage with us and share your resources.

TUMI Events

Connect, network and inspire at the WiM Luncheon @ InnoTrans 2022

Wednesday, 21 Sept | Time: 12:30 | Location: Berlin

Female leaders in mobility will gather for the WiM Luncheon at the InnoTrans 2022 on 21 September. The objective: Connect female role models in order to increase visibility and, in turn, promote innovation through diversity. Join for a working lunch, network with other women in mobility and share expertise.

Women Mobilize Women is a parter of Women in Mobility (WiM).

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TUMI E-Bus Mission Webinar: Business Model Framework & Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) for Electric Buses

Wednesday, 28 Sept | Time: 10:00 | Online

The TUMI E-Bus Mission through WRI Brazil and in partnership with Clean Energy Works invites you to a free online webinar on Business Models for Electromobility. This webinar aims to present the main categories and elements needed to build a consistent business model for the implementation of electromobility in public transport in global cities.

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TUMI Focus Area News

TUMI E-Mobility & E-Bus Mission

The TUMI E-Bus Mission on Tour

For ten days, from 1st to 10th August, city delegates from the African TUMI Deep-Dive cities Nairobi, Durban & Kampala, the TUMI E-Bus Mission City Network city Dar Es Salaam and City delegates from Abidjan and Seychelles came together to participate in a tour through India, visiting the cities of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and New-Delhi. 10 Days, 4 Cities, 1 goal: experiencing India’s e-bus operations spectrum.

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Recap of the City Dialog in India!

Organized by ICLEI, the TUMI E-bus Mission City Network held the first City Dialog in India that brought together experts and city representatives to discuss challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned to expand the adoption of electric buses.


Women Mobilize Women

Our past unsustainable choices have left the most vulnerable populations at risk

One of the demographics most at risk from the effects of extreme weather brought on by climate change is women. Therefore, any mitigation efforts must take into account both their particular needs and those of other marginalized groups, including youth, and ethnic minorities, and Indigenous people. But what does a gender responsive approach to climate-resilient development look like exactly? Read more about women’s role in climate-resilient development in our latest blogpost.

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Improving gender balance in the transport sector:

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Women make up only around 20% of the transport workforce and an even lower proportion of its management. Closing this gap is a crucial step in meeting sustainable mobility ambitions while pursuing wider gender parity goals.

The SUM4All Gender Working Group is commencing a project which will be examining the barriers and opportunities for improving gender balance across the transport industry. It seeks to produce a practical guide and toolkit for the changes which need to be made to secure greater female participation in the sector. It will review some of the legal and regulatory changes which have occurred over the last several years and examine the potential for accelerating progress. The project is being undertaken by POLIS Network, with support from Heather Allen (an independent consultant on gender and urban transport), and funding from the FIA Foundation, as part of their role within the SUM4All Gender Working Group. The project is looking for insights into the current global situation and examples of practices which are being taken. Keep your eyes peeled for their survey, which will be circulated soon.


A vision for a circular economy in Fortaleza, Brazil

In August, we traveled to Fortaleza (Br) to participate in a workshop on how data can be used to improve the logistics behind the city’s digital circular economy. We were joined by local and external stakeholders. Read all about on our latest blog entry:

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TUMI Pilots

Cuenca learns from Chile’s e-mobility transition

In July, our partners and colleagues in Cuenca traveled to Santiago de Chile to exchange on the e-mobility transition which Chile has set on in recent years. Read about highlights of the technical trip in this article:

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Partner News

WRI | Developing an Electric Mobility Roadmap: International Experiences from Subnational Case Studies for Vietnamese Cities

This paper uses subnational case studies to compare city and provincial electric mobility roadmaps and provides preliminary recommendations for Vietnamese cities based on case study observations. In addition, the paper discusses the process of preparing, creating, and implementation of an electric mobility roadmap, covering aspects such as prerequisite analyses, stakeholder engagement, supporting policy formulation, and monitoring. Throughout the paper, experiences from actual case studies are referenced and analyzed. Read more

WRI | Safe Bicycle Lane Design Principles: Responding to Cycling Needs in Cities during COVID and Beyond

This guide aims to assist with the design of high-quality, safe, temporary cycling measures that also create the foundation for systemic and lasting changes that nurture a culture of cycling, facilitate the development of quality cycling networks, and move cities and urban mobility toward a sustainable future. Read more

WRI | WRI and Partners Select 4 Winners for Digital Transport for Africa Innovation Challenge

The Digital Transport for Africa (DT4A) initiative, led by WRI and partners and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), selected four winners of the first-ever DT4A Innovation Challenge. From private companies to universities and NGOs, these initiatives are helping to shift transportation towards more sustainable, equitable results through open data, particularly in the paratransit or informal transport sector. Each winner of the Innovation Challenge will receive a phased award of US$30,000. Over the next year, each project will use support from DT4A to implement new activities, culminating in presentations in June 2023 of their progress and impact. Read more

WRI | 5 Ways to Cut Oil and Gas Use Through Clean Transportation

…World Resources Institute examines five ways that cities can reduce reliance on oil and gas in the transportation sector.[/SPAN] Read more

ITDP | Report: Making The Economic Case for Cycling

While many cities have seen firsthand the benefits of investing in infrastructure improvements that support safe, direct, and connected cycling trips, other cities are not convinced that such investments yield enough economic value that equals the upfront investment. ITDP makes the economic case for cycling in this brief, demonstrating how cycling infrastructure is key to unlocking economic and other benefits. Read more

ITDP | Cycling Cities Campaign Cohort Cities in Latin America top Ciclociudades Ranking

The Ciclociudades ranking is an evaluation system for bicycle policies in cities across Mexico. The results for 2021 were published on August 16th, and show cities in the region (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Zapopan, Monterrey, San Pedro, Mérida, Bogotá and Buenos Aires) setting interesting examples for other cities to follow. Read more

UN-Habitat | Publication

In Africa, on average, people spend up to 56 minutes walking or cycling for transport every day, surpassing a global average of 43.9 Minutes. These 56 minutes of daily physical activity for transport generate the least noise and air pollution, require no use of fossil fuels and have significant health benefits. The report on action for walking and cycling, co-authored by UNEP, UN-Habitat and Walk21 Foundation is now published. Read more

ITDP | Event

Building on Bogota’s Legacy in Sustainable Mobility Planning
Keynote address by Bogotá´s Mayor Claudia López Hernández

Wednesday, 07 Sept | Time: 2PM COT / 9 PM CEST | Online

Bogotá keeps building on its achievements on transportation and mobility and looks into the future with innovative programs. Join ITDP´s Mobilize Summit Series as we hear from Mayor Claudia López Hernández about the city´s continuous work toward safer and more accessible streets for all residents. ITDP´s CEO, Heather Thompson, will host the session.

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