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TUMI E-Bus Mission | June 2023 Update

Welcome to the June issue of the TUMI E-Bus Mission update!

Welcome to this June update!

The end of May brought great success for the entire TUMI team. The TUMI2023 Conference was held on the 23rd of May, centered around the theme of “Feminist Voices in Transport,” in Leipzig, Germany. This year’s conference marked the 5-year anniversary of Women Mobilize Women and was a remarkable occasion.

Additionally, the E-Bus Mission reached its one-year milestone since the launch of our global campaign at ITF in Leipzig. Over the past year, we were lucky to witness notable progress on the way to e-bus deployment. We’ve organized over 50 events and webinars, engaged with more than 75 cities worldwide, and created numerous resources for cities and NGOs to support the e-buses’ transition.

During these past couple of months, we’ve been busy spreading the word about e-bus deployment in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. In particular, the city of Curitiba is taking a massive leap towards a greener public transport system. Meanwhile, our workshop on improving the circularity of e-bus batteries in New Delhi and the training conducted in Nairobi to promote e-bus adoption and extension were highly accomplished.

Join us as we continue our mission to drive sustainable mobility worldwide.

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Number of the month

5-Year Anniversary of Women Mobilize Women

Photo: Jens Giersdorf / TUMI

Our annual TUMI Conference was held in Leipzig on 23rd of May. The main theme was Feminist Voices in Transport, which built on the momentum of Women Mobilize Women’s 5-year anniversary to spotlight the importance of planning inclusive mobility projects that promote gender equity, social resilience, and tackle climate change.

The breakout session “Just workplaces and jobs with a focus on e-mobility” provided a unique opportunity for stakeholders to share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on developing innovative solutions to create equitable and inclusive workplaces in the e-mobility sector.

Learn more about the TUMI2023 Conference

Regional E-Bus Mission Highlights

Powering the Future Responsibly!

Photo: Shruti Dalal

TUMI in cooperation with the Indo-German Green Urban Mobility Partnership (GUMP) organized the workshop “Improving the Circularity of E-bus Batteries — Measures for procurers, operators and policy-makers” in New Delhi. The workshop witnessed participation from federal institutions, seven partner cities, UNEP and TUMI partners. The workshop aimed at collecting feedback on the measures catalogue for improving the circularity of e-bus batteries, considering the end-of-life management of buses and batteries. Further, the workshop discussed on the existing battery rules and circular economy frameworks in India. Additionally, a 2-day study tour was conducted to battery recycling facilities which elaborated on critical minerals, the extraction processes, battery second life applications and industry business models.

Nairobi is charging ahead!

Photo: Japheth Kipkirui / WRI Africa

GIZ Kenya & WRI Africa on behalf of the TUMI E-Bus Mission, hosted an electrifying training in Nairobi from 24th to 27th April on electric buses as part of a capacity building program for the public transport sector. The training focused on equipping regulators and operators with the necessary knowledge on planning for e-bus operations, business models, regulations, and governance to enable a smooth transition to sustainable public transport operations in Kenya. This training is a step towards creating leaders in the industry who will drive the adoption of electric buses in the future of public transport in Kenya.

Curitiba is ready for E-Buses!

Photo: Hully Paiva / SMCS

The city of Curitiba is taking a significant step towards decarbonizing its public transport system. Mayor Rafael Greca announced a R$ 200 million investment in 70 electric buses which will be integrated in the transport network in May 2024. The purchase of these electric buses help the city achieve its zero-emission bus fleet goal. To discuss financing mechanisms and business models for the introduction of zero-emission buses in the new public transport bidding, the City of Curitiba organized on May 11th and 12th the Workshop “Business Models for Electromobility” in partnership with WRI Brazil and C40 Cities. This investment in sustainable transport and decarbonization will pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future for Curitiba, Brazil, and the world.

Read more

Brazil’s Letter of Principles for Non-Polluting Collective Transportation by Bus

The E-Bus Mission in Brazil published its Letter of Principles for Non-Polluting Collective Transportation by Bus. The document synthesizes 11 principles that guide the actions of the coalition of 7 institutions in Brazil and the work at local and national levels.

Read it here

The Transformative Benefits of Electric Buses on Public Transport Drivers

Revolutionize your understanding of electric buses and their impact on the quality of life of public transport drivers with this infographic! The transport sector in Latin America has been plagued by precarious working conditions for far too long. But with the implementation of electric buses, public policies for modernization have sparked a transformation in the industry. While environmental benefits and cost savings are often touted, this infographic shines a light on the lesser-known but equally important benefits of e- buses. Discover how this technology has significantly improved the quality of life and health of drivers, as reported by those on the front lines.

Check it out here

Tackling Climate Change through Municipal Pooled Procurement

Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA) latest publication Financial Aggregation Blueprints for Urban Climate Infrastructure identifies 8 blueprints under different kinds of financial aggregation instruments. India’s Grand Challenge approach was identified as one the blueprints under the Municipal Pooled Procurement instrument. The publication provides valuable information on how Municipal Pooled Procurement can help accelerating efforts against climate change.

Read the blueprint here

Key Messages

Key Message 1

E-buses help cities meet climate goals on GHG emission reduction.

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our age. Around the world, leaders are looking for ways to mitigate societies’ carbon footprints and move towards more sustainable ways of living and doing business. Over 700 cities across the world have already pledged to reduce their GHG emissions…

Read the full key message

Check out the TUMI E-Bus Mission’s six key messages now available at our TUMI Blog.


Check out these fascinating resources and learn more how e-buses can help combat climate change through the reduction of emissions. Discover more at our TUMI Knowledge Hub!

Photo: Jens Giersdorf / TUMI

Decarbonizing bus fleets: How subnational targets can aid in phasing out combustion engines

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Photo: Transjakarta

Compact & electrified cities have the potential to massively reduce emissions

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Photo: ITDP

Climate activism through bus fleet electrification

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Learning Opportunities

The E-Course “Digitalizing E-Bus Projects” continues!

The TUMI E-Bus Mission e-course “Digitalizing E-Bus Projects” still welcomes new participants! Join this online training to learn how to plan, procure and achieve improved operations efficiency of e-bus projects with digital tools.

Learn more about the e-course

Choose from the e-course series: Transforming Urban Mobility

Learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with the short online courses offered by TUMI in collaboration with other partners at Future Learn.

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