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TUMI Update April 2023

Welcome to this April issue of the TUMI Update!

Still energized by the Women Mobilize Women high-level study tour and Award Ceremony “Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport 2023” in Berlin in early March, we are excitedly looking ahead: register now for the TUMI2023 Conference in May!

Before that though, April kicks-off with great activities such as the TUMI Data Launch event in Bogotá.

As always, it’s our pleasure sharing TUMI and WMW activities with you!

Have a great read!


Highlight of the Month – TUMI Data Launch event


Have you ever considered how data can transform the way we approach sustainable urban mobility? TUMI is excited to announce the launch of its Mobility Data Hub, which will enable cities across the globe to access crucial data for more efficient and sustainable urban transportation planning. At our upcoming event in Bogotá on 12 and 13 April, we’ll be showcasing the pilot cities and web-apps that are driving data-based decision-making in the realm of sustainable urban mobility.

Even though the event will not be public, we will be active on Twitter about the event, so don’t forget to follow us on @TUMInitiative to come along for the ride!

Read more about TUMI Data here


Register now! TUMI2023 Conference


We look forward to celebrating the 5th anniversary of Women Mobilize Women with you! We want to use this occasion to shine a spotlight on the necessity to plan mobility projects and measures that account for the intersectional realities of all members of society. We know that when women and other marginalized groups are consulted, in response transport systems are more sustainable, efficient, safe, and responsive to diverse needs and local challenges.

TUMI2023 Feminist Voices in Transport will bring together over 100 leading feminist thinkers and activists, high-level government officials, development bank representatives, academics, and members from civil society to discuss on how to reach a gender-transformative mobility transition where no-one is left behind.

Please confirm your participation at TUMI2023 by registering here by April 4th, 2023.


TUMI E-Bus Mission

Africa E-Mobility Week


The TUMI #eBusMission was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania together with UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme – & SOLUTIONSplus for the Africa E-mobility Forum, from the 20th –24th of March. Over 25 African cities were present for exchanges and matchmaking to companies and financiers interested in e-mobility to support the shift on the continent. Furthermore, training on E-Bus Procurement, Planning and Financing were carried out.

Dar es Salaam is the 2nd fastest growing city worldwide. It will cross the ‘mega city’ threshold of 10 million people before 2030. Today there are around 400,000 e-buses worldwide – very few are in Africa. E- buses are a priority on the continent with current urbanization rates set to increase emissions by 15% .

Find our documentation on Twitter >>


TUMI Global City Dialogue in Paris


TUMI organized a global city dialogue on the sidelines of the AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO held in Paris from 22-23 March 2023. The event is the world’s largest annual gathering of international policymakers, institutions, NGOs, corporations, companies, and start-ups focused on sustainable urban mobility solutions.

The event witnessed participation from seven partner cities from Latin America. TUMI Global City Dialogue facilitated the exchange among participating cities, learning from their experiences as part of TUMI e-bus mission and active private sector engagement. The delegates were on stage and shared their experiences and learnings over the session Powering E-bus fleets: Cities Discover Solutions to Transport Electrification.

Read more about the event here >>


Durban Bike Share Pilot Program

The eThekwini Transport Authority of Durban and the local bus operator Go!Durban will hold the #DurbanBikeShare program, which has started in the second half of March with adult cycling training and sessions on safety and mechanics. The Programme will run from April 2023 until October 2023. With the official launch on April 1st, participants will receive their bikes. The aim is to create a seamless integration between the bus network and active modes of transport as well as encourage cycling among the residents of Durban. With the participants’ feedback, new cycling routes and infrastructure will be created.


The event is supported by the TUMI E-Bus Mission in cooperation with Sindile Mavundla, Bicycle Mayor of Cape Town and TUMI E-Bus Mission consultant for Durban. The pilot programme is targeting people from KwaMashu, Mobeni, Jacobs, Bluff, Clairwood. City of Durban employees are also invited to participate! Register here

Mobilize Minds

Capacity Building Training Workshop in Manila

TUMI participated in the Regional Capacity Building Training Workshop for Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum Participating Countries on Implementation of, and Country Reporting on Aichi 2030 Declaration (2021-2030) from 22 to 24 March 2023 in Manila, the Philippines. The three-day workshop was co-organized by the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Since 2005, the annual EST Forums in Asia have brought together high-level governmental decision-makers to discuss how to address transport challenges in a sustainable way. In 2021, at the 14th EST Forum in Asia, the Aichi 2030 Declaration was adopted.


TUMI presented at the Urban Access session, which focused on goal 5 of the Aichi 2030 Declaration. Marvin Stolz gave an overview on best practices in policy development for urban access, as well as challenges and opportunities for Asian countries in implementing sustainable mobility. Policy measures which focus on active mobility and public transport are fundamental for improving urban access.

The upcoming 15th EST Forum will be hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24 – 26 October 2023.

TUMI Pilots

Coming up: Urban Mobility Forum in Lviv, Ukraine


TUMI together with Lviv City Council will hold a forum in Lviv, Ukraine, from 26-29 April 2023. The aim of the Forum will be to discuss the current challenges that exist in the field of mobility and public transport, establish cooperation and exchange the experience of all forum participants. Based on the results of the forum, it is planned to create a resolution with proposals for changes, which will later be submitted to Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure.

Read more about the event.

Launch event: Cuenca E-Mobility plan


After months of hard working the Cuenca E-Mobility plan is ready to be presented. On the 20th of April, the project “eCuenca” will be launched. It includes the city´s roadmap to become a regional leader on e-mobility implementation to 2030.

The event will be attended by the Transport Ministry and several cities of Ecuador with the objective of inspire about the importance of decarbonize fleets in the context of global warming and sustainable mobility. eCuenca will become referent as the first E-Plan for a city of Ecuador and the region.

Transport experts will be present to talk about e-mobility in different use cases. The discussion will focus on:
– How to succeed on the implementation of e-buses and e-taxis
– The potential of e-mobility on Micromobility to replace urban trips
– Decarbonizing Last Mile Logistics: A review of experiences in other cities of the region
– Barriers on the adoption of e-vehicles in Ecuador

Read more here »

Keep up to date about the event on e-Cuenca’s social media: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

TUMI in Washington DC


Transforming Transportation 2023

Insa Illgen – TUMI Project Director, Jens Giersdorf – TUMI Management Head, and Frederic Tesfay -TUMI Project Manager, participated in Transforming Transportation 2023, a global forum held in Washington DC on 14-15 March 2023. The event brought together high-level policy makers, leading-edge thinkers and community change agents to explore solutions to accelerate the path towards green and inclusive mobility for all. Speakers addressed topics such as decarbonisation of mobility, resilient logistics, climate finance, accelerating innovation, among others.

Insa Illgen, spoke in the session on “Electrification and Compact Cities”, which discussed what it takes to achieve compact and electrified cities, focusing on the financing levers needed for rapid adoption. She explained the importance of bringing together the electrification of urban transport systems and gender-equitable mobility.

2nd TUMI 2023 Partners Meeting

TUMI is the leading global implementation initiative on sustainable mobility formed through the union of 11 prestigious partners. The TT Forum was an excellent opportunity to reunite with our partners and to celebrate the 2nd TUMI 2023 Partners Meeting. TUMI presented on current and upcoming projects and events as well as TUMI’s perspectives for the coming year. Frederic Tesfay – TUMI Project Manager, introduced the TUMI Mobility Data Hub to our partners and explained why mobility and data should work together, as well as the importance of high quality data availability in urban and mobility planning.

The main pillars of TUMI are MULTILATERAL COOPERATION, KNOWLEDGE and INVESTMENT, so it is very important for us to constantly discuss and exchange with our partners. This meeting has been key to strengthen our collaboration and to continue working towards the goal that unites us: to change mobility for the benefit of people and the environment, with a view to the future.


TUMI Partner News

ITDP | Award
Nominate A City for the 2024 Sustainable Transport Award


Does your city or region deserve more recognition for new transport, street design, or policy improvements that increase mobility and improve quality-of-life for your residents? The Sustainable Transport Award (STA) is a unique, global recognition conferred annually by a committee of international experts in sustainable transport and development. ITDP and the STA Committee invites you to nominate a city for the 2024 STA – nominations will close March 31, 2023, and can be accessed at STAward.org.

TUMI is a proud member of the Sustainable Transport Award Committee.

Read more »

ITDP | Report
The Opportunity of Low Emission Zones


In recent years, low emission zones (LEZs) have grown in popularity as one potentially impactful strategy for cities to reduce dependence on motor vehicles and offer clean, affordable, accessible alternatives. Building on ITDP’s “Taming Traffic” report that highlights various strategies for reducing driving, “The Opportunity of Low Emission Zones Deep Dive” report offers a closer look at LEZs to provide context and background for stakeholders interested in understanding the potential of these strategies for their city.

Read more »

ITDP | Webinar
Lessons on Mainstreaming Women in Mobility Worldwide


For International Women’s Day, ITDP hosted a webinar that looks at how some cities have been bringing a new gender perspective to mobility planning to influence how transport systems, spaces and cities function. After decades of work around the world, ITDP is seeing how cities and transportation systems are being designed to be more responsive to many socio-cultural constraints that women face. View this webinar to learn from some great women working in transport at ITDP.

Watch the webinar »

ITDP | Report
Exploring the Cycling Gender Gap in China’s Cities


In ITDP China’s latest report “Women On Wheels”, the team utilized cycling counts, direct surveys, and other outreach methods over two years (2021-2022) to assess the state of women cyclists in three major Chinese cities and to offer key recommendations for improving street and safety conditions — not only for women, but for all cyclists and pedestrians.

Read more »

ITDP | Article
How the Historic City of Cuenca is Modernizing its Transport Systems

©ITDP – Carlos Pardo

A top finalist for the 2023 Sustainable Transport Award program, the City of Cuenca, Ecuador has demonstrated a commitment to addressing persistent mobility challenges by developing strategies that put sustainability and inclusion at the forefront. This blog article explores how this historic City – a UNESCO Heritage Site – has made progress in recent years to modernize its transport systems, from introducing an electric tramway to expanding critical cycling infrastructure.

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MYC | Guidelines
Unlocking Sustainable Urban Mobility: MobiliseYourCity launches adapted SUMP Guidelines for Asia, Africa, and Latin America!


We are excited to announce the launch of MobiliseYourCity’s new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) Guidelines! After seven years of practical implementation on the ground, MobiliseYourCity has developed a comprehensive document outlining the SUMP process’ phases and steps and offering guidance for practitioners in the Global South looking to develop their SUMPs.

Download the guidelines »

MYC | Training
Mastering Mobility Series on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

The MobiliseYourCity Secretariat is organizing a series of training sessions to learn more about some of the most important technical processes in the SUMP cycle.

Register here »

WRI | TT 2023
Transforming Transportation 2023


After two years of unprecedented disruption to transport globally and two years of virtual conferences, Transforming Transportation returned to Washington, DC, March 14-15. More than 900 policymakers, experts and leaders in transport gathered at the World Bank Headquarters to explore how to recover from crisis and accelerate towards green and inclusive mobility.

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WRI | Event
Kampala Car-free Day


Congratulations to WRI Africa and partner for supporting a successful Kampala Car-free Day, encouraging walking, cycling and public transport to improve congestion, safety and air quality in cities:

Read more »

WRI | Webinar
Measuring the Impact of Non-state and Subnational Climate Action: What You Need to Know and How to Get Involved

Join WRI on Wednesday March 29, for a webinar to hear about the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) Non-State and Subnational Action Guide – a tool that provides guidance for countries on how to carry out assessments for non-state and subnational climate action.

Webinar Registration »

WRI | Symposium
Generation180 Clean Energy Schools Symposium: Electrifying School Transportation Workshop


This symposium will connect K-12 school leaders and clean energy experts to exchange knowledge on funding opportunities and examine best practices from innovative case studies on installing clean energy in schools and deploying electric school buses. On day two, WRI and the Center for Transportation and the Environment are leading a workshop with 48 school district leaders from across 16 states to showcase common fleet electrification challenges and solutions and help them create a transition plan for their district.

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